Swap.com Launches Online Treasure Hunt

The Hunt is On!

At Swap.com, we understand there is precious little we thrifters love more than a good find. Whether it’s $200 boots you nabbed for next-to-nothing, or your toddler’s entire spring wardrobe that you purchased for less than the price of three outfits at full retail, Swap.com is a virtual treasure trove full one-of-a-kind finds waiting to be unearthed from 2 million items on our site.

In fact, we’re so confident you’re going to find a treasure on Swap.com, we challenge you to go on a hunt, see what you can dig up and share a photo of you or your kids wearing your one-of-a-kind find on Instagram tagging @SwapConsignment and using the hashtag #SwapTreaureHunt from now until March 31, 2017 for a chance to win a $25 Swap.com credit.

(Psst: Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and you might find out how to gain an EXTRA entry!)

How to Play: Entering is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Follow Swap.com on Instagram.
  2. Post a photo of you/your family in/with your Swap.com treasure, tagging @SwapConsignment and using the hashtag #SwapTreasureHunt
  3. Make sure your Instagram profile’s privacy is set to ‘Public’ so that we can see your awesome treasure

Some entries will also earn bragging rights by being featured on Swap.com’s Instagram account.

Be sure to also follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter for fashion and thrift inspiration–as well as other fun sweepstakes–all from the world’s largest online thrift and consignment store, Swap.com.

Promotional Details / Legal: “Enter swap treasure hunt 3/1/17 12:00AM – 3/31/17 11:59PM PST by following us and posting a photo using “@swapconsignment” and #SwapTreasureHunt” in your post. Winners will be selected at random. Only public profiles will be eligible for participation due to measurement requirements.”


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Swap.com Fashion Tip Tuesday: Making Vintage Looks Modern

Every piece of secondhand clothing has a story, especially those unique, retro pieces from beloved decades like the the 90s, 80s, 70s and 60s. At Swap.com, we have thousands of amazing vintage treasures in great condition that are ready to rock a second life. Here are a few tips on how you can put a modern twist on any vintage piece for a brand new look.

  1. Building Your Signature Look: Pick pieces that speak to you and your personal style. When choosing vintage items, select ones that have bold, vibrant colors, patterns and textures. Once you have the primary piece picked, accessorize! Be sure to choose a vintage piece that excites you as it will help inspire you to choose accents that bring this new look to life. In the photos above, we started with an $8 Jessica Howard suit set from Swap.com. Not only do we love this shade of green for spring, we also think this look channels Sarah Jessica Parker.

  1. Contrast. Don’t Compete: Seek out accessories and accents that contrast and complement the look. If the pattern is busy, pair it with a neutral color and vice versa. Remember, the vintage piece is the star of the outfit, so don’t layer it with something that competes. Our look above is paired with a simple $10 Levi’s Chambray Shirt–from Swap.com–tied at the waist to give it a more modern and relaxed vibe.

  1. Final Touches: Once the outfit has been styled, bring it home from head-to-toe with your makeup. For a glow that lasts from day to night, we recommend a dewy look, a slight cheek contour, a bold highlight and a neutral lip to this particular look.

Remember, you can always freshen up an older look by mixing and matching timeless classics with trendy new pieces.

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Live Every Week Like It’s Fashion Week

At Swap.com, every week is Fashion week. You can shop 24/7/365 and don’t ever have to wait to find an exciting look or discover your favorite new outfit. Even better, you’ll never have to pay New York City prices, so you can be both frugal and fashion forward. Check out some of the discoveries real people have made on Swap.com within the past month!

“A few months ago I bought this J.Crew camisole in another color from their store at full price, so when I found it on Swap.com in ‘Like New’ condition at 10% of the retail price I paid, I felt like I hit the thrift jackpot!”

– Taylor

“I usually wear at least one item from Swap.com every single day. My white button-up is from Uniqlo, the jeans are Levi’s and my sneakers are Pumas; all great finds from Swap.com. All together, the entire outfit is worth more than $100 retail, but I paid less than $50. You just can’t beat that.”

– Emily

“I found these black pants on sale for $3.50. For the price, it was a lot easier to justify testing out a new style and brand I might not have otherwise tried out. I ended up getting compliments all day when I wore these – plus they’re super comfy!”

– Heather

“I’m definitely not a super model, so it can be really frustrating to shop in a store and come away with nothing. I love that on Swap.com I can filter out by size, and even see the inseam on things (so helpful!). My only problem now is limiting the order so I don’t buy out the entire site!”

– Becca

You can always create your own fashion on Swap.com while saving more money than you spend. Follow us on social media to see more great looks our customers have uncovered and don’t ever hesitate to send us your favorite finds as well!

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Swap.com Fashion Tips & Tricks: 4 Ways to Style a Scarf

Here’s a fashion challenge: Try tying the same scarf, four DIFFERENT ways. Not as easy as it sounds, is it? Don’t you worry; we’ve got you covered!

First, choose your favorite square scarf. (Fun Fact: Swap.com has over 13,000 options to choose from!) For today’s blog post, we decided on a silky medium-sized scarf with a colorful pattern, paired with a chambray button-up.

Look #1:

Achieving the first look is very simple: fold your scarf in half diagonally, then tie it around your neck. You can keep the angled area of the scarf outside of the collar, or even tuck it into your shirt for more of an ascot affect.

Look #2:

The second look is done by laying your scarf on a flat surface, then folding length-wise into small 2” sections until you have no fabric left to fold. Carefully place the folded scarf around your neck and secure the tie at a comfortable position. Bring the knot just a little to the side and, voila, you’re done!

Look #3:

The third look can be accomplished by folding the scarf the same way you did for Look #2, but instead of knotting it, tuck in the ends into the collared shirt and fluff the fabric to get your desired look.

Look #4:

Placing the folded scarf from Look #2 under your collar, and then tying a knot toward the end is the simple way to create Look #4. Be sure though to leave around 2-3 inches sticking out at the ends for the casually undone look.


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Looks for Less Than $100

January has officially come and gone; have you been sticking to your New Year’s Resolution? According to Google, spending less and saving more topped the most popular resolutions for 2017. In fact, searches for saving money and spending less jumped 17% compared to 2016. If you are one of these cost-conscious shoppers and do not want to sacrifice style for savings, Swap.com has you covered! For inspiration, we’ve assembled a few fashion-forward looks for less than $100. Go ahead and spread the news; there’s no need to break the bank to look great!

Look #1: Woman’s Business Casual

(Click image to enlarge)

  • Madewell Pants
  • Swap.com: $9.10
  • ARP: $128.00
  • Savings: $118.90
  • Merona Jacket
  • Swap.com: $12.00
  • ARP: $39.99
  • Savings: $27.99
  • Shoes
  • Swap.com: $19.20
  • ARP: $60.00
  • Savings: $40.80
  • Denim Shirt
  • Swap.com: $8.00
  • ARP: $68.00
  • Savings: $60.00
  • Scarf
  • Swap.com: $12.00
  • ARP: $100.73
  • Savings: $88.73
  • Total Cost of Swap.com Look: $60.30
  • Total Cost of ARP: $396.72
  • Total Savings at Swap.com: $336.42

Look #2 – Men’s Layered Look

(Click image to enlarge)

  • QuickSilver Button Down
  • Swap.com: $8.00
  • ARP: $49.50
  • Savings: $41.50
  • Andrew Marc Jacket
  • Swap.com: $40.00
  • ARP: $265.00
  • Savings: $225.00
  • Bullhead Jeans
  • Swap.com: $8.40
  • ARP: $49.95
  • Savings: $41.55
  • Clark Shoes
  • Swap.com: $26.00
  • ARP: $125.00
  • Savings: $99.00
  • Total Cost of Swap.com Look: $82.40
  • Total Cost of ARP: $489.45
  • Total Savings at Swap.com: $407.05

Look #3: Woman’s Leisure 

(Click image to enlarge)

  • Champion Jacket
  • Swap.com: $7.20
  • ARP: $34.99
  • Savings: $27.79
  • Nike Shirt
  • Swap.com: $8.00
  • ARP: $21.99
  • Savings: $13.99
  • Split Leggings
  • Swap.com: $12.00
  • ARP: $98.00
  • Savings: $86.00
  • Steve Madden Shoes
  • Swap.com: $28.80
  • ARP: $104.92
  • Savings: $76.12
  • Total Cost of Swap.com Look: $56.oo
  • Total Cost of ARP: $259.90
  • Total Savings at Swap.com: $203.90

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