Style Quiz! What Does Your Fashion Say About You?

Are you a trendy fashionista? A cool and casual everyday gal? Or, do you always dress for the occasion? Find out what your style says about you by taking our style quiz below. Don’t worry, the only way you can fail this quiz is by not taking it. Make sure to keep track of your answers along the way and tally them up at the end to find your corresponding style. Have fun!


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Tights, nylons, and stockings are common staple found in the top drawer of many women’s dressers. And, any woman who pairs these delicate accessories with their favorite skirt or dress knows they need to carefully navigate the rest of their day to avoid a snag before lunchtime. Tights can completely unravel with the slightest bump, tug, or unfortunate encounter with your finger nail. When this happens, the small tear can quickly turn into a mini–yet urgent–fashion emergency.  The next time you find yourself in this situation, don’t panic. We’ve got a couple of tips to keep you covered…and preserve your tights. 

When you notice a run, spray on a small amount of hairspray at the beginning of the tear to keep it from spreading any further.

Another remedy, to keep the tears at bay, is to apply clear nail polish to the start of the run. The sooner you apply the nail polish, the better it will prevent further tears.

These proactive remedies will give your tights the extra protection they need to avoid further tearing. All that’s left is to take a pair of nail clippers and trim any excess fibers. We hate to say it, but tights that are beyond repair may need to find another job. One tight-recycling DIY tip is to fill old tights with fresh smelling lavender and place them in your closet, giving fresh air to your closet and a second life to your stockings.

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