5 Tips for Reducing Your Fashion Footprint

Did you know over 14 million tons of textiles are wasted every year? It’s true! You might have heard of this trend referred to with the term fast fashion, which refers to the constant production, purchase, and trashing of brand new clothes. All that waste makes a major footprint on our environment (and our wallets). Luckily, there are super easy ways to shrink your fashion footprint, which saves the planet and your money at the same time!

Shop Secondhand

This one should be a cinch. If you don’t already shop secondhand, what are you doing on the Swap.com blog? Aside from major savings, one of the best benefits to secondhand shopping is giving amazing clothes a second life and keeping them from being wasted in a landfill.


If a clothing item is too used to be donated or sent to Swap.com, think creatively about other ways in which it could be used. A few quick ideas: cut the arms off an old wool sweater for a pair of leg warmers or use old t-shirts to clean up messes around the house. Organizations like Goodwill and Salvation Army accept even damaged apparel. And while it might not end up on sale at their stores, they will sort the inventory and distribute as they see fit such as a clothing recycler. 

Repair/Mend Ripped Clothes

It’s tempting to toss a stained or ripped pair of pants out, especially when you could get another pair so easily on Swap.com! But before you throw and old fave to the curb, think of what could be done to remove the stain, fix the garment, or patch the hole. A quick googling usually does the trick, and there are thousands of useful Youtube tutorials on how to do DIY fixes so you can get every last penny out of your outfit.

Buy More Durable Clothing

Think about the outfits you’ve had the longest. What brand are they? Where are they made? What materials are they made from? Doing a bit of research into the qualities of your most durable clothes can keep you informed of what to look out for in a good garment. Sometimes, it may be beneficial to spend a little extra money if a particular item or brand has a good reputation. Your cost per use will drastically decrease as you wear it for years instead of months!

Be Conscious About Energy Consumption 

This is probably the toughest of all! Irons and dryers use tons of electrical energy. For example, did you know that 65% of the total energy used on a t-shirt is spent in cleaning and ironing? In the summer, consider drying your clothes in the open air. For ironing alternatives, try using a wrinkle release product. You can also hang garments in the bathroom while taking a steamy shower to straighten out light wrinkles.

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