6 Mind-blowing Organization Hacks

Ahh, organization: even when our closets, drawers, and homes feel organized, there always seems to be more to do. Every time you start to feel organized, your house gets cluttered all over again. But just because we can’t achieve perfection doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, especially when there are so many fun and easy ways to clean and free up much needed space. We compiled some of the internet’s best (and cheapest) organization hacks to fight chaos and make your wardrobe more organized than the Library of Congress.

File Your T-shirts

Use this simple folding technique to stack your t-shirts like you would files in a cabinet. Not only will your shirts take up less space, you’ll be able to see and find shirts more easily.

  1. Flip the t-shirt over so it’s facing flat on on the back.
  2. Fold the sleeves inward towards the collar.
  3. Fold the bottom 1/4th of the t-shirt up towards the collar.
  4. Fold the t-shirt in half then flip it over.
  5. Fold in half one more time so the logo is facing upward and store as such.


Pop Tab Perfection

Take a pop can top and thread it on a coat hanger. Now you have two coat hangers! Hang like items or entire outfits to ‘level up’ the hack. For anyone outside the midwest, this works with soda cans, too. 😉

S-hook/Shower Ring Hangers

Pick up a few s-hooks or shower curtain rings from the store and use them in your closet instead. They make perfect hangers for shorts, tank tops, hats, and anything else you can think of.

Tension Rod Shoe Rack

If you have a narrow closet, utilize the middle space by grabbing a few tension rods and turning them into a shoe rack with as many tiers as you want. Stagger the height of the rods for your heels and even them out on the next level for your flats. Add as many rods as you see fit for a cheap and easy alternative to buying a pre-made shoe rack!

First Things First

Do your clothes have a “system”? They should. Make all your favorite pieces of clothing easily accessible by moving them towards the front of your closet. Move special occasion outfits and less ubiquitous items towards the back.

Get Creative

There’s no law that says bath caddies must be used for shampoo, or that hanging fruit baskets must have fruit in them. Look at other household items you have and think “Could this be used for clothes?” You’re sure to find some mind-blowing uses for everyday items if you just change your perception a little bit!


Now, get to it! These simple hacks take just a few minutes and will increase your quality of life significantly. Plus, you’ll have plenty of additional room for more clothes from Swap.com!

Tom Fell

Tom Fell is a copywriter for Swap.com. His name is a sentence and he likes wearing tropical shirts year-round.

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