Creative Halloween Costumes

7 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas to Make at Home

October means the start of autumn, when the leaves change colors and the air gets chilly.  It also means Halloween and candy and dressing up!  This is the perfect time of year to stretch those creative muscles.  So put down that costume catalog and pick up your glue gun, because we’ve got some great costume ideas you can make at home.

7 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

Rubik’s CubeCreative Halloween Costume Ideas

Go retro on Halloween with this easy Rubik’s Cube costume, courtesy of Parenting Magazine.  You’ll need some colored construction paper, a square cardboard box, and black electrical tape.  There are six colors on a Rubik’s Cube, but since you don’t need the bottom of the box, have your child choose his or her favorite five.  The traditional cube colors are blue, green, orange, red, white, and yellow.

Start by cutting out circles for the head and arms.  Since you won’t need the bottom, you can cut off those flaps or tape them up inside the box.  Use craft glue to attach the construction paper to your box.  To finish it off, use the electrical tape to make the 9 squares on each side of the box.  A black shirt and pants underneath completes the look.  This costume works for boys and girls of all ages.

Superhero Costume, thanks to DIY Network

Who doesn’t remember tying a towel or sheet around our necks and pretending to be a superhero?  You can have your child help you design the costume and even do some of the construction, if they are old enough.  Ask your kid what superpowers they would have and design a logo around it.  Or you can do something as simple as a geometric shape or the first letter of their name.  With this costume, and a cool superhero name, your child is sure to be rescuing Halloween candy from dastardly villains (neighbors) in no time!

Creative Halloween Costume IdeasRainbow Fish, from Real Simple

This colorful and creative costume turns your child into an eye catching underwater denizen.  Their scales are sure to be the talk of the underwater ball!  My favorite part of this costume is the colorful cupcake liners that are used to make the scales, because they add color and texture to the costume.  The base of this costume is a crewneck sweatshirt and pants.  Flatten the cupcake liners and, starting at the bottom, glue them to the sweatshirt.  When you’re done, you can even make an adorable fish hat with a few more cupcake liners and a ping pong ball.  Just split the ping pong ball in half and use a permanent marker color eyes on.

Fairy or Angel

With this costume, your child will be granting wishes or bestowing blessing all night long.  The base for a fairy can be either a flowing dress or maybe brown pants and a colorful shirt.  Angels are easier, since you can use whites, golds, and silvers as your base colors.  But what are angels or fairies without a set of wings?  Chances are, you’ve probably got some wire hangers lying around.  Bend a couple hangers into a wing shape and carefully stretch some nylons over them, white for angels and nude or brown for fairies.  This is where your child can help you out.

Once you’ve got the nylons over the hangers it is time to get creative!  Using some paper and glue, you and your child can decorate the wings.  Do you prefer flowers?  Or perhaps stars?  You can even use some glitter to add a sparkle to the wings.  Another fun touch you can add is glittery pipe cleaners that you can shape into a halo.  And what fairy costume would be complete without a wand?  A wooden dowel rod and some ribbon are a great place to start.

Chocolate Chip CookieCreative Halloween Costume Ideas

While they’re delicious to eat, you probably shouldn’t try to chomp down on this cookie costume.  This costume is super simple to make.  Brown pants and a brown shirt form the base of the costume.  Next, you need a couple of decent sized round pieces of cardboard.  If you want, you can use some brown construction paper to make sure everything is a nice, even color.  Then, with black construction paper, make the chocolate chips and glue them on all over!  And it couldn’t hurt to have some actual cookies to go with the costume, could it?


One of the most iconic symbols of Halloween is the black cat.  As a result, cat costumes are everywhere and with good reason.  They’re adorable and quite easy to put together.  A pair of black pants and a black shirt make up the main part of your cat costume.  Attach a tail to the tights or the back of the pants.  You can probably find a cat ear headband in the store.  Or you can make your own with some construction paper, glue, and a headband.  To complete your look, draw on some whiskers with black face paint.  Purrfect!

Chocolate Bar

With this costume, your child can emulate their favorite sweet treat!  As with the cookie costume, you’ll need some brown pants and a brown shirt.  Wrap both ends of a rectangular piece of cardboard in aluminum foil to make the foil wrapper.  Then use some construction paper and a permanent marker to make the rest of the wrapper.  You can even make it look like the wrapper has been opened and somebody took a bite out of the bar!


Homemade costumes might not look as polished as ones you get from the store, but they’re much more fun.  They’re also a great way to get creative.  Not to mention, they’re unique and guaranteed to set your child apart.  Check out our Pinterest page for more ideas! Another option for Halloween costumes that won’t break the bank is to shop on Someone may have sent in the costume their child wore last year, or you can find a missing piece to you DIY costume.

What was your favorite costume growing up?  Do you have any creative Halloween costume ideas that we missed? Share them with us in the comments below.


Photos courtesy of, Real Simple, and Creative Potager.

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