90s Fashion Rewind

The 90s are ALL THAT!

BOO YA! The 90s may have been knocked down, but they’re back up again and as stylish as ever. At Swap.com, we’re stocked full of the freshest throwback apparel for just about every 90s look imaginable. Need a little 90s refresher? No problem! Check out (these top 5 90s trends… something along these lines to frame) our top five favorite styles from the last decade of the 20th century:

  1. Grunge: Originated from the Pacific Northwest and Seattle alternative rock scene.

  1. Girly: Most commonly seen on teen/young adult 90s sitcoms and in classic 90s-era romcoms.
  • Threads: sun, maxi, and peplum dresses, capri pants, casual pants, blouses,  floral skirts, sleeveless tops
  • Accents/Patterns: polka dot, tweed, marled, checkered, sequins/rhinestones/ glitter
  • Accessories: platform shoes, ankle bracelets, jelly sandals, butterfly hair clips, clear bags/backpacks
  • Pop Culture/Celebs: Blossom, Topanga from Boy Meets World, Moesha

  1. Street Wear: Gained popularity with the rise of 90s Hip-Hop and R&B culture and fashion.
  • Threads: Sweatshirts/Hoodies/Sweaters, jumpsuits/overalls, JNCO jeans,
  • Accent/Pattern: camo, animal print, colorblock, cutouts, overlay, studded, mesh
  • Accessories: High top shoes, backpacks, bangles, baseball caps, bucket hats, big rings
  • bandanas
  • Pop Culture/Celebs: TLC, Gwen Stefani (No Doubt), Missy Elliot

  1. Goth: An offshoot of punk culture, the Goth style would eventually give rise to emo in the early 2000s
  • Threads: leather skirts/pants, studs, ankle boots, black everything, black/gray tees, blouses, shirts, polos, dress pants, skirts, halter, midi, crop tops, jumper, bodycon dresses
  • Accents/Patterns: velvet, crochet, chains, cutouts, studded, overlays, abstract, metallic
  • Accessories: platform shoes, combat boots, spikes on everything, dark makeup, greasy appearance, chain wallets
  • Pop Culture/Celebs: Marilyn Manson, D’arcy Wretzky (Smashing Pumpkins), The Craft (pictured), Fairuza Balk

  1. Preppy: The All American 90s girl look, coming in two main flavors of everyday preppy and high-class preppy.
  • Threads: Cartoon Tees, Music Tees, light jeans, capris, plaid & checkered shirts, turtlenecks, glasses, plaid and checkered skirts and denim vests
  • Accessories: totes, beanies, thigh-highs, Mary Jane shoes, Oxfords, flats, crossbody purses, light makeup, hair clips (flowers)
  • Pop Culture/Celebs: Kelly Kapowski, Saved By The Bell, Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air


Jesse Gonzalez is the merchandising and style expert at Swap.com, creating a world of 'once loved' items to not be discarded, but re-introduced with fashion trends and flexibility.

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