Brand of the Month: Calvin Klein

Brand of the Month: Calvin Klein

When you think of Calvin Klein, what comes to mind?

“Nothing comes between me and my Calvins!” -circa the Grunge inspired 90’s with Brooke Shields. That is the first thing I think of… and that is how it all started!! 

Brand of the Month: Calvin Klein

My obsession with fashion started at a young age.  My love for clean lines and modern fabrics has followed me through my life. I don’t even want to think about the constant disappointment I felt when I would hear my mother saying, “Get a job and you can get as much Calvin Klein as you like!” I did, and now I work in fashion, take that MOM!! 😉

The great thing about the Calvin Klein design structure is the minimalist look.  It gives you the style of having your own fashion team, but really, it’s just you and your great fitting Calvins! Calvins look best when paired with a basic tee, a brooch and some Converse low-tops, throw on a cardi if you’re chilly!  When you’re really feeling it, pair that signature outfit with a subtle lip-tint and some windblown hair, and you are there.  And just to think, it all began with your Calvins!

Younger ages can enjoy Calvin Klein, too.  Remember that minimalist look I was just talking about? Younger kids can totally wear it, too! The best part about it is that the items will be outgrown before they will ever be out of style. How cute are the little ones in their own low-top Converse? Give them a simple tee, their Converse, and a light jacket if it’s cool and you have your own little mini-me. How adorable!

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