Breakfast at Tammy’s

Living in the Midwest, the weather is often unpredictable and it doesn’t care which season it is. For example, it’s going to be 77 degrees in Chicago on Saturday with a 90% chance of rain…in October! So, what’s a gal supposed to do on her rainy day off? Invite friends over for brunch!

As the hostesses with the mostest, planning the menu is only step one. I also need to create an upbeat, yet relaxing ambience conducive for conversation as well as pull together an amazing outfit that looks effortless.

  1. Jones New York Black Tank

Keep cool while cooking up a storm. It’s important to dress in layers, which is why even in the winter time, you’ll usually find me sporting a simple, black tank top as one of my go-to pieces. Another perk is dark colors help disguise food splatters. My favorite dish to cook? Martha Stewart’s goat cheese quiche with a hash brown crust. An excellent option for any gluten-free guests!

  1. Mossimo Jeans

I love denim! It’s looks great with everything, can be dressed up or down, and the fit is flattering yet comfortable. With such a big meal ahead, stretchy spandex is my best friend.

  1. Ralph Lauren Cardigan

Make a bold statement with a bulky, crimson red knit. After the cooking is done, I’m going to layer on this red hot number before my guests arrive. With such a confident look, my only worry is I’ll outshine my food.

  1. Sam & Libby Red Quilt Shoes

Since I’ll be on my feet all day, I chose a flat shoe with a strong sole that will allow me to glide gracefully around the kitchen. Because these red quilted ballet shoes tie in with the red cardigan perfectly, my brunch ensemble is now complete.

  1. Calvin Klein Sweatpants

After my guests have left, my belly is full, and the mimosas have kicked in, I’ll slip into these yummy soft pants, grab the nearest cat and settle in for my post-brunch snooze. Please note the elastic waistband.   

How’d I do? I think I did a pretty good job, but I’d love to hear from all my fellow brunch enthusiasts in the comments. Bon appetit!

Tammy Kotula

Tammy Kotula heads up PR at where tech meets fashion. Her unique style can be described as blending black and neutral staples with a hint of edge to keep things interesting. Made in Michigan and now living in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood, Tammy is a lover of cats, reality TV addict, night owl and enemy of shrimp.

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