Fall Home Decoration Ideas

Three Easy DIY Fall Home Decoration Ideas

When it comes to crafting, I will be the first to admit, I have no idea what I’m really doing.  I see these do-it-yourself home decoration projects and I know that if I tired even half of them, I could make a new Pinterest Fails blog. Recently this year, I bought a house and since I’m no longer renting, I thought I should take some time to make this house feel like a home.  What better season to warm up your living space than fall, right? The leaves change colors, the scent of apple spice and pumpkin is everywhere, and nothing’s more appealing than hoodie weather or a cuddly blanket.

Since I don’t have the funds for beautiful home decorations from Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel, I decided to visit my local craft supply store and take on a few DIY fall home decoration ideas. Lucky me, Halloween and Fall decorations were 40% off along with the whole floral department.  This way, if I messed some of these up (clue: I did) I didn’t waste that much money.

3 Easy DIY Fall Home Decoration Ideas

Autumn Inspired Door Wreath

I’ve always seen seasonal door wreaths as I walk through the neighborhood and browse Pinterest, but I’ve never taken the time to actually make one. That is, until this year! When I went to the craft store, I first looked at the wreaths that were already made, with a $50.00 price tag, I thought I would be better off dabbling in the do-it-yourself version instead.

DIY Fall Home DecorationsI started first with a regular wreath found in the floral department.  I think I got mine for less than $4.  Then I went through the floral department and found an assortment of stemmed autumn flowers to decorate the wreath and some leaf garland.  After going through the floral department, I moseyed over to the fall and Halloween decor section and found a little pumpkin to add to the wreath. I wanted some glitter in the wreath but didn’t wan to deal with glitter falling every where whenever the front door opened or closed.  The glittered pumpkin was the perfect solution since the glitter was under the final coat of paint.  As you can see from the photo, myDIY Fall Home Decorations main color focus was on burnt oranges and reds.

Once I got home, I laid out my wreath and artificial flowers to start getting an idea of what I was working with.  First, I covered the wreath with the leaf garland and tied it around the wreath with some twine.  I didn’t want to use a hot glue gun since I didn’t want to have to commit to one thing or another.

After the garland was secure, I cut the individual flowers off the arrangement to weave into the wreath.  Luckily the wreath is made out of sticks that are banded together so I could slide the stems into the spaces. Again, I didn’t want to use glue. Once all of the flowers were placed, I put the pumpkin into the wreath and tied some more twine around the flowers to secure them in pace.

After seeing how easy this was to make, I’m looking forward to making one for every season to come! And since I used twine instead of glue, I can reuse the same wreath and just save the decorations for next year or another version of a project!

Painted Mason Jars

DIY Fall Home Decoration IdeasThis one turned out to be a pretty easy project that I feel like anyone can get right.  All you need is clean mason jars, some acrylic paint, and paper bags to cover your working surface. I chose four different paint colors so I needed for mason jars.

All you do is pour the paint inside of the jars, spin them around a bit to paint the entire inside of the jar, then place them upside down to drip. A 2 oz bottle was enough to cover the size of jar that I used. Since the paint is only $1 a tube, I didn’t feel too bad using the whole thing on one jar.  I used paper bags to drain the jars on since it will keep the paint from getting on to your table or working surface.  Also when they are upside down, it will help get any spot of the jar that you may have missed with the paint and they will get covered evenly.

After a few minutes of draining, I picked up the jar and moved it to a clean spot since a DIY Fall Home Decoration Ideasbit of paint had pooled under it. Once I felt like the excess paint had drained out, I flipped the jars back over the let them be to dry over night.  Since there was quite a bit of paint in there, I left them for an extra day to air dry.

Once they were totally dry, I used left over artificial flowers from my wreath to fill the jars.  I also used some of the left over twine to tie around the jar for added decoration. Just like that, I now have 4 beautiful seasonal vases that I don’t have to worry about watering! I can move them around to whatever room I think needs a little bit of autumn!

Painted Pumpkins

DIY Fall Home Decoration IdeasSince I have a dog at home, who likes to explore and get into anything that may smell like food, carved pumpkins unfortunately are a no-go. Instead, I decided to paint my pumpkins!  All I used for this project was a few pumpkins, some more acrylic paint, a sponge brush, and letter stencils.

I started with washing my pumpkins to make sure they were clean so the paint would not have any interference.  Then the painting was easy.  I covered my working space with paper and starting applying the paint with a sponge brush.  It took two coats to get the pumpkin covered nicely, but be sure to let each coat dry in between.

The best part about painting pumpkins is that everyone can get in on the fun.  Everyone can get their own pumpkin, pick our their own paint colors, and let their imaginations run.  I decided to take a fall/autumn approach to my pumpkins instead of Halloween.  My original plan was to use the stencils to paint F A L L on the pumpkins, but since my pumpkins were small, the stencils made Fall Decoration Ideasdistorted letters.  Instead, I used the stencils to get an idea of the spacing for each letter and ended up free handing the letters. They turned out okay, but next time I think I’ll use larger pumpkins.

To decorate the house, I placed these on the mantel above the fireplace and used left over leaves from the extra leaf garland that I bought to fill in the spaces. I also moved around the painted mason jars and decorated those surfaces with left over leaves to finish ‘the look.’

I was able to take on these three fall home decoration ideas since they really are pretty simple. I wanted to keep it easy for myself, like I said, I am not a crafter. But seeing how great these turned out, I will definitely use these for seasons to come.


Have you made decorations for your home for autumn or any holiday? Share your crafting ideas with us in the comments below!

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