Inside Look

Inside Look: Seller Pricing Strategy!

Hello Sellers!!!   It’s Jesse here at HQ, and I have a bit of insider information!  I have been trying to find ways for sellers to have the best experience possible, and I’ve found a few ways.  Mainly it’s by helping sellers make the most $$ in the shortest amount of time, helping understand accounts, and spill the beans on insider deets.   So I have a little story for you; to do just that. (more…)

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Late Night Snack: Fashion Edition!!

This is a bit out of the ordinary for me to be writing a blog post at night, but I had this great idea.  I know that I am gushing all the time about how to dress on a budget, how to accessorize any look, and even make outfits on the go with keeping the kids together.  This one is all about fashionable and comfortable Pj’s.  Yes I said it ladies, making those Pj’s fashionable.  You can do it!!!   (more…)

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