Building a Micro-Closet

Capsule Wardrobe 101: Building a Micro-Closet

Who hasn’t looked at a closet full of clothes on a busy morning, only to decide that you have nothing to wear? As it turns out, the solution to this perplexing problem might be paring down your possessions to the point that you really have nothing – or almost nothing – to wear.

It’s called a capsule wardrobe. A concept from the 1970s that was popularized by Donna Karan’s “Seven Easy Pieces” collection in 1985. While the number and types of pieces included might vary depending on the system you choose, the modern capsule concept is essentially the same.   (more…)

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Look Great On-the-Go!

Look Great On-the-Go: Wardrobe Tips to Take You from Gym to Office and More

Dot-com moguls can get away with wearing the same sneakers and hoodie to the office every day, but that isn’t an option for most people who don’t work at tech companies where pets and ping pong tables are more common than pinstripes.

There are ways to incorporate workout wear into your office wear to make a day at the desk not only comfortable, but fashionable as well. And sporting workout wear everywhere from the weight room to the office water cooler is a growing trend. Activewear sales rose to $34 billion in the 12 months ending in July 2014, climbing 7 percent, while sales of denim jeans shrunk by the same percentage. According to statistics from The NPD Group cited in Entrepreneur Magazine, the activewear category now represents 17 percent of the total U.S. apparel market.  (more…)

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Brand of the Month: Tommy Hilfiger

Brand of the Month: Tommy Hilfiger

It’s that time again, time to fan-girl the next brand of the month, and it’s an iconic one.  I was wracking my brain this morning trying to figure out who to gush over, and I just happened to look at my ‘promotions’ inbox, it should just be labeled coupons you tell yourself you’ll use but never do it; anyhoo, it was Tommy Hilfiger!!  I couldn’t think of anyone better to write about today.  It’s cool and crisp in Chicago, and I think of a great go-to sweater tucked in my closet, it has the red and blue label that I grew up wearing.  It’s perfect every time. (more…)

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New Trends from Consignment

Breaking Fashion Rules: New Trends from Consignment

This year’s spring and summer fashion runways featured 1970s-inspired styles ranging from hippy dresses to patchwork and pantsuits. But while you might not be ready to ditch your favorite pair of shorts for a closet full of fringe and feathers, there are a few of these upcoming fashion trends that could be easily translated to life in the stands at a Little League baseball game or at a backyard barbeque.

Many of these designers’ shows included pieces that were both timeless and trendy, in fabrics like denim or colors and patterns like khaki, bold red and even classic polka dots. Savvy shoppers who want to take advantage of these trends on-budget will find plenty of great bargains from online consignment sites for clothes that will be just as fashionable this summer as they were when they graced the department store shelves. (more…)

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Buying consignment online

Moms to be: What to expect when buying consignment online

It may be a couple months before you start to show, so it can be tempting to start purchasing baby clothes for every stage of your pregnancy. Or, perhaps you feel that maternity clothing lacks the flair of your usual fashion choices.

But, no matter your feelings on maternity fashion, you’ll need some basics to get you through the upcoming months – a fact that drives women to spend $800 million annually on maternity clothes, for an average of $200 each, according figures from the Financial Times.

Here are a few ideas on how to buy wardrobe staples that will keep you feeling fashionable while saving some cash to outfit yourself – and your new bundle – after it’s born. (more…)

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Wardrobe Essentials for Working Women

Seven Wardrobe Essentials for Working Women

The late Steve Jobs sported a black turtleneck, jeans and sneakers every day. For Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, it’s a gray T-shirt with jeans and – if he’s feeling formal – a black hoodie. And while President Barack Obama can’t be quite so casual, he keeps it just as simple by sticking to a gray or navy suit almost all the time.

Turns out there is a bona fide psychological reason some powerful people spend just seconds in front of their closets every morning. Limiting choices cuts down what’s called decision fatigue, leaving more brain power and mental energy to devote to productivity and judgments that are far more important than what shirt to wear that day.   (more…)

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