How To Find Your One-Of-A-Kind Holiday Sweater

We know it’s not even Thanksgiving, but it’s time to start thinking about finding the perfect ugly holiday sweater for the slew of parties approaching. Sure, you could probably find the same 10 sweaters at your local vintage shop or thrift store, but you’ll be paying upwards of $25-$30 per sweater. We carry over 2,000 unique, one-of-a-kind ugly holiday sweaters, many for under $15. If you don’t know where to start, check out our tips on picking finding your holiday spirit-sweater.


Know Your Style

Are you looking for a cardigan, a vest, or a crew neck sweater? Knowing what you love to wear will help narrow your search and make sure you’re comfortable all party long!


Mind the (Size) Gap

Keep in mind that a majority of our sweaters were originally made for women. Since you’ll almost certainly be wearing a women’s sweater, guys, keep in mind you’ll need to order up a few sizes so your sweater is big enough. You can always return it if it doesn’t fit, however you may not always have enough time to turn around and get another!


Find Your Flare

Our holiday sweaters have all bells and whistles others don’t:  tassels, pom poms, glittler, lights, er…bells and whistles. Discover your favorite and make sure to choose one with actual ornaments for an extra-festive spin.


Remember: Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Just because an item is in our “Ugly Holiday Sweater” category doesn’t mean it’s necessarily ugly. All sweaters can be beautiful at the right party. That being said, if you want ugly ulgy, there are some pretty pretty hideous ones to choose from. We’ll let you be the judge, though.


The clock’s ticking…order today to get your sweater in time for the holidays, and don’t forget to use the filters to help make your search a breeze! Shop now >

Read More Styles CEO and Co-Founder for a Chicago Tech Event

On Tuesday, November 14th, Start Up Grind (a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs) hosted a fireside chat at WeWork featuring our very own CEO and Co-Founder at, Juha Koponen! 

We not only learned about Juha’s journey to the success of, but we also learned about his favorite brands starting with what he wore from Swap to the fireside chat. 

Juha’s button down shirt: Ralph Lauren

  • Swap price: $24
  • Average Retail: $90

This light blue button down shirt by Ralph Lauren is what they call smart casual. This shirt can be worn to the office, to dinner or to your very own fireside chat! This shirt goes well with jeans to emphasize the professional, yet casual start up culture and audience Juha was speaking to. Solid colored shirts are also best perceived in photos and on camera, as well as in person when speaking. 

Juha’s jeans: Joe’s Jeans

  • Swap price: $17
  • Original Retail: $189

These Joe’s Jeans are normally a very expensive designer brand; however, they can be yours for under $20 on! A medium to dark wash denim that are well constructed, like the jeans Juha wore, elevate even a casual look for a professional or evening occasion. 

Don’t you love when a $279 outfit costs only $43?! Thats $238 in savings from shopping with Swap!

Like Juha’s outfit? Shop Ralph Lauren and Joe’s Jeans


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Swap Stylist Picks: Bold White Shoes

Attention fashionistas! Our newest blog series “Swap Stylist Picks!” is here! Each month I will post a new trend you can find for less $ at Comment below about your favorite trends that you want to see posted each month on the blog!

TRUE OR FALSE: You cannot wear white after Labor Day.


The “no white after Labor Day” rule originated in the early 1900s to signify a summer specific social statement to differentiate between social classes. Thankfully, we are now in the year 2017 and white is even cooler AFTER Labor Day!

One of the best ways to emphasize this white trend in the fall is to wear a bold white shoe.

Bold white shoes are one of the top trends of the fall season. A white pump, bootie or loafer can easily be paired with jeans, dress pants or a dress for any occasion – casual or formal!

White Pump by BCBGeneration: Can be worn day to night for any occasion. The white pump I chose is very classic and versatile. In fact, I can’t think of anything you can’t wear these with.

White Flats by Tender Tootsies: Still dressy but always comfortable (my “go to” shoe!) The bows on these flats dress them up and the gold buckle doesn’t hurt either!

White Loafers by Foot Thrills and White Chunky Heels by White Stag: Loafers and low chunky heels have a downtown feel and these loafers have a low chunky heel that is not only comfortable but bold enough to make your old jeans and t-shirt look on trend.

White Mary Jane Heels by Clinic: The buckle on these heels adds a little something extra – I saw these and took a second look! is a great place to buy a bold white shoe as trends usually come and go from one season to the next. Why spend more when you could spend less on the latest trend? Make a statement for less with a white pump this season!


Read More’s Ghoulish Giveaway

We asked the community to send in photos of their Halloween costumes, and these are just a few of the pics that has us howling. Congrats to Meredith Tharp, the winner of the winner of the Facebook giveaway, and @ablissfulcloset, the winner of the Instagram giveaway. Both participants won a $50 gift card.

Stay tuned for more giveaways! Check out our Instagram and Facebook to get the latest on style tips, contests, and prizes.



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Make Tossing Out Old Clothes A Cinch With These 4 Tricks

The holidays are growing closer and you’ve got to clear out your closet for all the new clothes you’ll be getting. Plus, there’s no better time to get in the giving spirit and donate your old clothes! Getting rid of clothes is especially difficult for a thrifter, as you want to get every last penny out of every item. Luckily, we’ve got your back and are here with some tips on how to make even the toughest of calls:


Take Everything Out

We mean everything. Removing all the clothes, junk, and clutter from your closet will give you a blank canvas on which to paint your new masterpiece. Clearing your closet will let you remove trash and other detritus and will make you more mindful of what you populate the space with. Throw all your clothes into one big pile and start sorting….


Prioritize Items That Can Be Matched

Keep versatile clothes that can be paired with different shoes, pants, etc. Any item unique enough to only have one or two combinations should be thrown in the donate pile.


Live In The Now

Have you worn it within the past six months? If not, throw it out. If something isn’t your current style, or you’ve found yourself wearing an item less, donate it. Toss out anything you’ve only worn once for a special event, like a friends wedding, bachelorette party, etc. Life’s too short to not wear what’s stylish and live in the moment.


Ask: Does It Bring Me Joy?

Taken from the pages of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. If you don’t absolutely love it, or still get a lot of happiness mileage out of it, toss it. If you’re on the fence: toss it. Once you remove everything you feel ‘meh’ about, your closet will radiate positivity and happiness.

Once you organize your space, reward yourself with a little shopping on! Shop now >

Read More Styles for Every Type of Workplace

New technology and generations entering the workforce are busting down formal office attire and redefining professional style. Whether you’re in an old school 9-5 or on the ground floor of a brand new startup, check out our diverse selection of workplace wardrobe apparel:

Business Professional/Business casual


JCrew Blazer

We carry over 10,000 blazers from great upscale brands like Ann Taylor, Calvin Klein, J.Crew, and Banana Republic. Be sure to filter by condition to find a like-new or new-with-tags blazer that still has that fresh feel.


H & M Blouse

J.Crew Striped Blouse

Need a base layer for your blazer or a power top that’ll command attention during your big presentation? Stop right here. Stick with solid colors or captivate your coworkers with a fun pattern like polka dots or stripes.


Brown Ann Taylor Pants

Purple Ann Taylor Slacks


Just because you wear slacks doesn’t mean you’re a slacker. Find everything from granite grey bottoms to deep shades of maroon and purple so you can mix and match depending on whether you’ve got the muted Monday blues or feelin’ festive on a Friday.

Startup Style, Athleisure, & Working From Home


Brown Jeans 

J.Crew Mustard Jeans

H&M New with Tags

Granite Leggings

When you work at an emerging tech company or a budding startup, comfort is king. If you’re putting in extra hours prepping a big project, you have to feel good. Grab the perfect pair of tasteful jeans to play it cool and not come off like a stiff. If you’re lucky enough to have a job where you can work remotely, ‘Athleisure’ attire is perfectly acceptable, turning every day into a casual Friday:


Forever 21 ‘Owl’

Forever 21 Hoodie Solid Blue

Don’t see your workplaces style covered? Find something else you love that’s right up your alley. We have over 2 million unique items with new additions every week! Shop now>

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