3 Tips to Be The Best Bunny You Can Be

Easter can be a busy day full of food, family, and activities that can have you feeling more like the Energizer Bunny than the Easter Bunny. Before you get too wrapped up in remembering  where the heck you hid all those eggs, take five and read some helpful tips on surviving your Easter:

  1. Conserve the chocolate: Keep the chocolates small, the quantity large, and go for the value size bag. That way, you’ll have plenty of chocolate left over after the festivities end to have a personal easter egg you can find over and over. No one said you have to give any to the kids.
  2. Treat your “bunny” right: A lot of people will tell you that rabbits like carrots, lettuce, and other garden greenery. But c’mon. We know a real Easter Bunny’s diet consists of chocolate, massages, naps, wine, and relaxing in the bath. Make sure to treat your Easter Bunny correctly and fit at least a couple of those into your schedule once family festivities have wound down. That way you..we mean, your bunny… will have something to look forward to and will be ready to hop to it year after year.
  3. Get crazy with the dye: Don’t hold back your child’s artistic expression because of stains. Try out all sorts of egg painting techniques and let out your inner Jackson Pollack. Swap.com has plenty of like-new kids’ clothes, so if your child’s Easter best turns out a different color than when you bought it, we have your back, and your front, and just about anywhere else easter egg dye can end up.

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Style Quiz! What Does Your Fashion Say About You?

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