Consignment Day 2018

Here at, we celebrate consignment everyday with the core values of who we are. The average American throws away 70 pounds of clothing and other textiles annually. This leaves 85% of textiles in our landfill. [1] What a waste! Our CEO Juha Koponen, wanted to make an impact in improving this epidemic. That meant creating the best online consignment store ever (that’s us). We want to ensure that you save your pocket books and the environment, all while looking fashionably great. With that in mind, consignment has multiple benefits. Below are 7 reasons why shopping secondhand is beneficial. (more…)

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Top 2018 Fall/Winter Color Trends

The Fall season is upon us and so is a wardrobe change. Are you not feeling bright colors anymore? Are you into deeper hues for the fall?  The team at the Pantone Color Institute created a 2018 fall/winter Color trend report. The top color palette worn at New York Fashion Week for the upcoming season, is included in the report. This season’s color trends are both bold and rich. Are you surprised? (more…)

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Debunking Familiar Fashion Myths!

With so many fashion rules to remember–like You can’t wear white after Labor Day–putting the perfect outfit together can sometimes become a daunting process. The good news is most of these fashion rules can be taken with a grain of salt. Fashion is fun and shouldn’t be so rigid as to not make room for your own personal style. Don’t believe all the hype, instead, checkout how you can break the fashion rules while looking chic and on trend!


Rule #1: You Can’t Wear Black With Navy

Black and navy are two colors that represent sophistication and classic taste–they sure can make an outfit fierce! When worn together, these two colors can take your outfit to the next level. Most would say you cannot wear black and navy together because they clash. However, mixing the two together makes an outfit more interesting than a monochromatic ensemble. Black and navy compliment one another especially when your outfit consists of contrasting fabrics and material such as velvet, silk and leather.



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