Summer-Fall Transition Fashion Hacks

Ready or not, here it comes: cool nights, chilly breezes, and pumpkin spice lattes are just around the corner. Fall weather is especially fickle, which is why we’re here with the sneakiest fashion tricks to stretch your summer wardrobe into autumn and sail into the cooler months like a boss.

Creative Cover-ups

Turn any solid color summer dress into a flirty fall favorite by tossing on a black blazer or a denim jacket when you head out. You’ll still feel super summery and bright, but you’ll also be prepared for the night time chill. Shop Jackets >


Black Shorts w/ Tights

Squeeze the last little bit out of those summer shorts by throwing on a pair of opaque tights. They’ll keep your legs warm while still allowing them to enjoy a little air. Shop Leggings >


Light Wash Jeans

Dark jeans usually dominate the fall fashion landscape, but those light blues can easily make the seasonal switch. Try pairing them with a darker, fall-colored blouse or a cute pair of boots to really make them pop. Shop Jeans >


Graphic Tees & Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are an absolute must-have for fall, winter, and spring. They’re so versatile! Toss one on and head outside in your favorite graphic tee for a cool but casual way to rock the weekend.

Shop Tees >

Shop Jackets >


Swap Out the Sandals

Something you can toss into storage? Sandals. They can have their time and place in fall, but trading them in for a pair of solid color ankle booties is always a solid and stylish choice. Besides, the last thing you want is a pair of cold feet!

Shop Boots >


Trench Coats

A full length trench coat will take any one of your favorite summer outfits into fall. Just be sure to wear long enough pants so people will know you’re wearing something under there…

Shop Coats >

Missing any of the above fall essentials? We’ve got you covered. Don’t forget to filter by season to find exactly what you need!

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Show Us Your First Day of School Outfit

Fall is full of many firsts and the first day of school is one of the most anticipated moments of the season for many families. It is the beginning of an exciting year of discovery and adventure, which we also celebrate at To help ring in the new school year with more one-of-a-kind looks that will turn your classmates’ heads, we’re giving one lucky and stylish student $50 in store credit for sharing a photo of the outfit they wore to their first day of school in’s First Day of School Outfit Challenge.

To enter, post a photo of the outfit you or one of your family members wore on the first day of school to our Instagram or Facebook page, tag, and use the hashtag #SwapOutfitSweeps by September 15, 2017 for a chance to win $50 in store credit.

Terms & Conditions

Enter’s First Day of School Outfit Challenge by sharing a photo of your or your family’s first day of school outfit on’s Instagram or Facebook page for a chance to win $50 in store credit to shop You must tag and make the post public to be eligible. Entries must be received by 11:59 PM PDT 09/15/17. Winner will be selected in random drawing.

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5 Things I’m Getting My Mom for National Lazy Mom’s Day

Being a mom is hard work. I’m glad we have a day dedicated to letting moms be lazy because you know what? They deserve it. My mom lives 784 miles away, but to make sure she takes advantage of this day, I’m sending her these 5 gifts.

  1. This robe looks like something one would wear at a spa. On National Lazy Mom’s Day, my mother’s bathroom is a spa. Shop robes 
  2. Moms shouldn’t have to leave the house on National Lazy Mom’s Day, and with these slippers from, my mom won’t have to. Also, they have little aliens on them. My mother works so hard that sometimes I think she might be superhuman. Shop slippers
  3. Downton Abbey and chill? Shop loungewear
  4. This looks like something the Queen of England would wear. On National Lazy Mom’s Day, my mom is the Queen of England. Shop hats
  5. To keep out the haters. Shop shades…and accessories

Whether you are a mom, have a mom, or know a mom, today is the day to let the moms in your life be lazy. How will you give your moms a break today to kick back and relax? Tell us in the comments below.


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Top 10 Bizarre Graphic Tees

On the last post we showed you some of the best graphic tees, but today, we’re going down a rabbit hole of the weird with some of the more odd t-shirts we found while surfing Some are flat out funny, some are odd, and others have no context whatsoever, so brace yourself for bizarre romp through the far edges of our graphic tee collection:


Yes, that’s President Ronald Reagan shooting a machine gun while riding a velociraptor that’s carrying an American flag. This type of thing would normally go for over $1,000 but you can find it on for $8.


2. Coffee/Data Day

A very confused group of people made this very confusing shirt to commemorate what must have been one very confusing day.


3. Fartville

Sadly, this gem wasn’t on the site long and got nabbed before this list was published. But we think it goes without saying why this one was sold so quickly.


4. Fat husband

Yes. Yes. Yes. Please, more shirts like this.

5. Got Birt?

No, we don’t. And life is just fine without him, her, or whatever ‘Birt’ is…


6. Pumpkin Spice

Is it a pun on pumpkin spice tea? Is it trying to make a comment on pumpkin spice lattes?  We’re not sure, but no matter what it’s doing, it’s confusing us.


7. Get Your Coat

Okay?… what next?…


8. Pirate Tuxedo

Shiver me timbers! Finally, a pirate tuxedo tee fer all yer formal pirate parties.

9. I Am Weak

Congratulations, probably not something you want to be advertising, though…


This isn’t your standard howling wolf shirt. While it’s, well…intense, we still love it.

Discover your own unique conversation piece and bring home a strange tee now! Shop >

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What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

Your signature color is the color that makes you feel at home. It’s the color your friends and family associate with you. It’s the color that accents your home, style, and mood on a daily basis. It’s the color you turn to for confidence. We all think of a specific color or hue, what does that mean about who you are? Find out what your signature color reveals about you below:



Black clothes are in style and fashionable. You’re elegant and likely prefer the city over the country. You’re most at home when you can blend into a chic crowd and live life on your own terms.



Women’s | Men’s | Kids’ | All



You’re safe, grounded, and well liked. You get along with everyone and are realistic and logical. People know they can turn to you when they need good advice.



Women’s | Men’s | Kids’ | All



Red is the most confident color. You want to be seen and if others want a taste, they’re gonna get a little bit of a kick (in a good way). You’re bold, sassy, determined, and a force to be reckoned with.



Women’s | Men’s | Kids’ | All



Green is the easiest color on  the human eye. You’re laid back, friendly, and approachable. People love to be around you because you’re relaxed and you go with the flow.



Women’s | Men’s | Kids’ | All



Purple has long been the color of royalty. You like to be in charge, and assert a presence wherever you are. You’re bold, but not overbearing, and command respect simply by the way you carry yourself.



Women’s | Men’s | Kids’ | All



Shades of pink are bright, fun, and flirty. Though not definitively feminine, you’re sweet, kind and see the best in the world. You’re an optimist, and even in tough times there’s not much that can bring your whimsical spirits down.



Women’s | Men’s | Kids’ | All



Orange is the color of action. You’re energetic, creative, and are driven by success. You’re not afraid of change, and you’ll do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.



Women’s | Men’s | Kids’ | All



Hues of yellow are the happiest of the signature colors. You’re bright, bubbly, and sociable. You’re not a risk taker, but you do like to spread your positive energy to the world in everything you do.



Women’s | Men’s | Kids’ | All



White is the most rare of all signature colors. You’re one of a kind. You’re not for everyone, but those close to you adore you. You’re clean, put together, and organized.



Women’s | Men’s | Kids’ | All


Experiment with a few different signature colors to see which one fits you best. Signature colors can change with your mood and style, so don’t feel too much pressure to choose just one. We’re here to help get you started. Explore my colors >

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The 10 Best Graphic Tees on

Graphic tees are the snowflakes of the fashion world, each one is unique in its own special way. They’re perfect for expressing your personality and a great way to stay stylish while casually cruising around town living your best life. With a collection of over 10,000 graphic tees, finding the perfect one can be a bit intimidating. Don’t worry, we’ve picked our favorites and dug the first few inches of the rabbit hole for you:

  1. Men’s- Strange Beast (Front)

You don’t have to know what to call this beast on the front to call this jet-black men’s tee a winner.

2. Women’s- Mentos & Coke

Any at-home scientist will appreciate this clever illustration. If you don’t get it, try this at home.

3. Women’s- Snake & Vulture

You can’t go wrong with an animal tee.

4. Women’s- Dual Giraffes

Remember when we said you can’t go wrong with animals? You can’t.

5. Men’s- Floral Print

The red floral pattern provides a little laid-back flare to this hip black tee.

6. Men’s- Greek Alphabet

Greeks and non-greeks alike will geek out over this stylish shirt.

7. Women’s- Drake “Hotline Bling”

This 8-bit throwback to 2016 is just what your torso needs.

8. Men’s- Rainbow Cats

We couldn’t have a graphic tee list without an over-the-top cat shirt.

9. Men’s- Pyramid

You don’t have to go to Egypt to see the pyramids with this colorful men’s shirt.

10.Women’s- Strange beast (Back) 

Bookending the list is the backside of the mystery beast, but this time in our women’s department. See how nicely that worked out?

This list just scratches the surface of our massive t-shirt selection. What are you waiting for?

Get Graphic (Men’s) >

Get Graphic (Women’s) >



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