Mom on a budget? 4 ways consignment can help!

Mom on a Budget? 5 Ways Online Consignment Can Help!

When we think of one thing that doesn’t ever seem to change, it’s the fact that children will always, always grow out of their clothes! Not only do they physically grow out of the sizes, they quickly grow out of the styles and no longer want to wear the once fabulous light-up sneakers they begged for just months ago.

Buying the latest and greatest items for their closets can seem like quite the expensive task.  With back to school shopping upon us, we also have to think about what the kids will wear and still like in the colder months ahead.  Shelling out a couple hundred bucks at once may not keep you on your budget and that is where online consignment can help! (more…)

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Be a successful consignment seller

6 Tips & Tricks To Be A Successful Consignment Seller

We have all reached a point when we want to clean out our closets, cabinets, and play rooms but aren’t always sure what to do with the items we no longer use.  Considering the condition of your items, you may not want to just throw them away or put them on the curb, but who really has time to have a garage sale these days? makes it simple for sellers to make money on clothes, toys, décor, sports gear and other goods, as – once you ship your gently used baby, children, women’s, and maternity items and they’re accepted for sale – we will photograph the goods, store them and ship them out to buyers. All you have to do is price your items then sit back and wait for the proceeds to appear in your PayPal account every 14 days. will even buy your accepted items if they haven’t sold after a few months, ensuring you’ll earn some cash for your closet-clearing efforts. (more…)

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eBay Twice, online consignment

eBay Acquires Twice

Earlier this week, eBay made headlines with the acquisition of Twice, a fellow online consignment store. eBay has been trying to improve their clothing services for quite some time, and their hope is that by acquiring Twice, they can speed up this improvement through their eBay Valet service.

Is eBay Valet really a better deal than Twice or our platform on (more…)

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