High Standards, Low Prices: What Do We Look for in a Swap.com Item?

Did you know we get over thousands boxes of clothes every day? Every single item is hand-selected by our merchandising team, photographed, then listed on Swap.com. There are always great items and unique gems in every box, along with some that are a little too unique as well. With so much inventory pouring in every day, how do we decide which pieces meet the Swap.com standard? To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of quick tips to let you know what we’re looking for when evaluating your items. If you want to sell it, it has to be:


–New or Gently-used

We only accept clothes with little signs of wear, tear, and fading. That dress you always swore you would wear, but never got around to it? Yes, please. A shirt you love, but sends your spouse or children running to hide from embarrassment? Perfect. Your favorite free t-shirt you’ve worn to the gym since college? Not so much.



Sending us in-season items is a surefire way to get your clothes up on the site and cash in your account faster. We still take the occasional heavy coat in the summer, but it’s gotta be good, and we mean real good. Before sending in your box, ask yourself “Will this still be fun to wear in a month or two?” If so, send it in. If not, it may be best to wait until the weather is right or donate it!



We LOVE popular brands like Old Navy, Carter’s, Gap, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor Loft, etc. Any of the above brands are almost guaranteed to sell and make you a quick buck. Remember that fashion repeats itself, so lots of “old” clothing items you may still have from the 90s are making a resurgence…very retro. It never hurts to look!


–Relevant/Have Mass Appeal

You might not want to wear it anymore, but make sure someone else will. We only accept clothes that appeal to a wide audience, so no profanity or ahem, “adult images.” Also, remember that not everyone will want 2010 Family Reunion or Little League Champions commemorative apparel. Artsy designs and statement tees are generally fine though, so those graphic tees from your old band could be perfect!


–Clean & Stain-free

Please, please, please, send us your freshly laundered, clean, pleasantly fragrant clothes. This should go without saying, but we still get a lot of dirty, stained, and sometimes smelly items. Ew. Also, we love pets, but will not accept apparel if there is pet hair.

Tom Fell

Tom Fell is a copywriter for Swap.com. His name is a sentence and he likes wearing tropical shirts year-round.

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