What Do Your Favorite Christmas Traditions Say About You?

Everyone celebrates the holidays in a different way, especially thrifters. Just like our clothes, our traditions showcase our unique style and tastes that make us who we are. Take our quiz below to find out what your favorite Christmas traditions reveal about you!


Tally up the amount of times you answered A, B, C, or D and find your favorite kind of Christmas below!

Mostly As– Classic Christmas

You probably start celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving even begins. You love all the most picturesque traditions and that fuzzy warm feeling you get from decorating, baking, and preparing surrounded by your loved ones. You probably live in a temperate or cold climate, because Christmas without snow or freezing weather just isn’t the same to you! You are a DIY, make-it-from-scratch type of person, and the gifts you give are always well-thought out and come from the heart.

Mostly Bs– Trendy & Modern Christmas

You’re all about staying up on the latest trends and always gift your loved ones the best new tech gadgets or hottest kids’ toys. You do Christmas your way and are constantly thinking of new projects to bump up the holiday cheer around your home. You love your christmas carols best sung by your favorite pop or country artist, not by some old crooner from the 50s. Christmas time also means you get to steal as many cookies, baked goods, holiday lattes, and hot chocolate as you can to satisfy your insatiable sweet tooth. You get energized from being a part of the holiday shopping frenzy, and always emerge from the retail battlefront with the best deals.

Mostly Cs– Light & Fun Christmas

You’re all about spreading holiday cheer. Your Christmas attitude is most similar to Buddy the Elf and while your house may not be a snow-capped winter wonderland, you’re lit up on the inside. You’re the first to say “Merry Christmas!” to a stranger on the street or do a random act of kindness for a random person simply because it’s the holidays. You love surprising your friends and family with quirky, fun gifts they’ll always remember.

Mostly Ds– Old School Christmas

Woah! You take Christmas tradition to a whole new level. Christmas to you is all about being together and eating a hearty meal with loved ones. You don’t ever get caught up in the consumerism that takes so much happiness away from the holidays. Your ideal Christmas tree is one you cut down yourself and hauled to your cozy cabin in the woods. The perfect Christmas day is spent opening a couple gifts in the morning, followed by a huge feast, a nap, and then a snowball fight followed up with caroling by the fire. Your favorite carols are deep cuts like “Good King Wencelas” and “I Saw Three Ships”, not whatever boy band is covering “Jingle Bell Rock”.

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Tom Fell is a copywriter for Swap.com. His name is a sentence and he likes wearing tropical shirts year-round.

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  1. What a wonderful Christmas surprise! But not a surprise at all – your sales headlines always seem like a greeting card from friends, and your service and support staff very thoughtful and friendly. Happy holidays! Looking forward to a fun-filled new year shopping with you!

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