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Inside Look: Love your Style!!!

Hi Swappers!  I have been mulling over what to write, and then the light bulb flashed.  Loving Your Style!

     Sometimes people ask me, what’s the next trend, what’s the most fashionable thing to wear on a Saturday night, what’s the ‘it’ factor for next Fall.  My answer is always the same, “Whatever you feel most comfortable in. What makes you smile? What makes you get a birthday cake pop with your coffee? What gives you those extra few minutes in the mirror saying, this works!”

     I have lived in every label, from Gucci to Fendi, to Forever21, and you know what, it’s not the label that makes the outfit, it’s the person who lives in it.   Fashion is art, and Consignment is just that, repurposed art. (So in right now! LOL!)  Fashion is one of many ways to express yourself, and how you feel; it’s about not caring about labels, fads, or trends.  It’s about being able to feel great in what you wear, and how you wear it.  Today I want to wear a pork pie hat, tomorrow I’ll wear a beanie, next week- maybe harem pants and a grungy tee. Whatever makes you feel a 100% fantastic! 

That’s what I love about shopping consignment, I love to find that piece that no one has, the piece that makes me happy about the search. You don’t get that feeling in a department store, when the rack has 40 more of the same thing, different sizes. That’s 40 more people on the grind, in the same shirt.  I like to get that second look, trying to figure out if I’m wearing suspenders, or is that part of my shirt?  That’s why shopping consignment for me is legit.  You get some many different styles, eras, and stories from the clothing.  Where did someone wear that jacket?  What did they do?  Are they a doctor? Painter? Screenplay writer?  Shopping consignment is so fun, and easy to do.  Just find a fit and item you’re completely obsessed with wearing.

     I know sometimes I get a bit crazy; but I see it as being a bit whimsical in a world of clothing similarity.  I like making people shake their heads; thinking, is he for real? 

Yes, I am; and I am loving it.  Shop Swap, Shop Stories.  


11 thoughts on “Inside Look: Love your Style!!!

    1. Hi Linda,
      Absolutely! We have a very good selection in all size clothing. Use our filters to find you size, and shop that way. We have great deals around every corner!!!

      Take a look at this dress, I’m kind of obsessed with the color and the style! It’s great for that Summer evening date night look!

      Hope you find some goodies!!

  1. Exactly!! Finding that one of a kind piece and finding a bargain price, too!?! That’s like a little slice of heaven for me! Great blog, Jesse!! ❤

  2. I love consigning, I have 10 grandkids. I worked there as well. We took items that where like new, as well as books, baby equipment. The store has a gréat reputation. Even though the msde might be a slight bit higher in pricé. Business was great. The turnover was great and 50/50 spilt and consignees were paid monthly. That’s why I’m anixous to stàrt making money. My only complaint is it takes forever to get my items posted. Much of my items were nwt or worñ once.

    1. Hi Gail.
      Thanks for your message. I totally get it, waiting is the pits. We paused our acceptance of inbounds from our customers to do just that, stop the wait. We want everyone to have minimum wait to get to selling. I hope you continue to believe in us, and sell in the Fall. It will be here before you know it. Also, by that time; we will be accepting men’s clothing too!

      Have a great summer!

  3. I love everything about SWÀP or I wouldn’t have chose your site, however, it is a very long time in processing your clients goods. I am doing this to make some extra cash. I have bought my granddaughter quite a few items and was very happy with the items and the prices, however, I never thought it would be this long in listing my nwt or worn once items to b listing my items, which I put in your hands to sell. Just a thought, beiñg SWAP is doing so well, maybe it may be considered in getting some more help iñ getting thé items priced and b put online. It would make the conßignee, the buyer and SWAP alot happíer!

  4. Hey Jesse,
    What is the update of help(tools) for us sellers? You had us take a survey way back and I haven’t seen or heard anything.Also for swapping the old tab that used to show up with all the other tabs at the top of the page saying swap offers made it very easy to find our swap offers that others want to swap for our stuff.It hasn’t been visible with windows 10 and I only get swaps with veteran sellers like me that can find it without the tab.Makes it difficult for the new sellers coming in.Can you do stuff please to make the selling environment a more positive experience for us.Thank you

    1. Hi Kristee,
      I can most certainly add this to my list of further additions to our seller experience. We will be launching our new seller experience on September 1, 2016; so look out for new additions!! I would also ask that you send customer support a note about the Swap tab. (

      Thank you.

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