Make Tossing Out Old Clothes A Cinch With These 4 Tricks

The holidays are growing closer and you’ve got to clear out your closet for all the new clothes you’ll be getting. Plus, there’s no better time to get in the giving spirit and donate your old clothes! Getting rid of clothes is especially difficult for a thrifter, as you want to get every last penny out of every item. Luckily, we’ve got your back and are here with some tips on how to make even the toughest of calls:

Take Everything Out

We mean everything. Removing all the clothes, junk, and clutter from your closet will give you a blank canvas on which to paint your new masterpiece. Clearing your closet will let you remove trash and other detritus and will make you more mindful of what you populate the space with. Throw all your clothes into one big pile and start sorting….


Prioritize Items That Can Be Matched

Keep versatile clothes that can be paired with different shoes, pants, etc. Any item unique enough to only have one or two combinations should be thrown in the donate pile.


Live In The Now

Have you worn it within the past six months? If not, throw it out. If something isn’t your current style, or you’ve found yourself wearing an item less, donate it. Toss out anything you’ve only worn once for a special event, like a friends wedding, bachelorette party, etc. Life’s too short to not wear what’s stylish and live in the moment.


Ask: Does It Bring Me Joy?

Taken from the pages of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. If you don’t absolutely love it, or still get a lot of happiness mileage out of it, toss it. If you’re on the fence: toss it. Once you remove everything you feel ‘meh’ about, your closet will radiate positivity and happiness.

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