Merry Christmas from One Thrifter to Another

Merry Thriftmas!

Some families go for the perfect Christmas tree.  You know, the one where every ornament is the same color, evenly spaced 8 to 12 inches apart like a display at a mall department store.

Mine isn’t like that.  Over the years, we’ve collected ornaments from places we’ve lived, people we’ve known, schools my kids have attended, and various trips we’ve taken.  Somehow, despite their eclectic mix, when we put them up on the tree it all sort of works together.  Our tree reminds us of these people and places, from my Aunt Lainie’s ceramic christmas mice to the stitched gold elephant we got in Asia to the glass ornaments our neighbor made for us in Texas.

Our tree is like a thrift store.  Everything is unique, and has its own story.  You just can’t buy that feeling from a trip to the mall.  As thrifters, you get it.

Thank you for thrifting with us, and may your holiday be joyous and one-of-a-kind.

Rich Lesperance


Rich Lesperance

Rich Lesperance is the Chief Marketing Officer and evangelist of He is on a mission to show the world that you can shop smarter and help our planet by thrifting.

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