Did You Hear the One About Father’s Day?

It’s an illness that lies dormant for years, and it affects millions of middle-aged men every year: dadus jokitus, known by its more common name, the dad joke. We’ve all seen its effects: the smug sense of pride on Dad’s face, the dramatic pause as he waits for a reaction, and the groans that come from anyone within earshot, usually followed by reluctant laughter. But as we grow older, the wholesome punny-ness grows on us, and we wind up telling them ourselves to coworkers, friends, sons, daughters, and strangers, whether we’re fathers or not. So in honor of Father’s Day and dads everywhere, set your phasers to pun and groan away at our favorite dad jokes:

  1. What do you call an alligator wearing a vest? An investigator.
  2. I tell dad jokes but I have no kids. I’m a faux pa.
  3. Why do chicken coops only have two doors? Because if they had four they’d be a chicken sedan.
  4. A three legged dog walks into a bar and says, “I’m looking for the man who shot my paw.”
  5. Did you hear about the kidnapping? It’s fine, he woke up.
  6. Did you hear about the scarecrow who got an award? He was outstanding in his field.
  7. What does a vegetarian zombie eat? Graaaaaaaaaaains.
  8. You know what was a groundbreaking invention? The shovel.
  9. I’ve worked a lot of odd jobs. First, I worked in a shoe recycler, it was too sole-crushing. Then, I had a stint at a vacuum factory but I quit because the job sucked. Now, I work in the elevator business. It’s not bad, but it has its ups and downs.
  10. I just watched a program about beavers. It was the best dam program I’ve ever seen.

We know that barely breaks the surface on the ocean of dad jokes that are out there, but hopefully you’ll now have a few more zingers to quip with the best of dads. Make sure  to comment below with your dad’s favorite line, and Happy Father’s Day from Swap.com!

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The Hunt is On!

It’s back! Whether it’s $200 boots you nabbed for next-to-nothing, or your toddler’s entire spring wardrobe that you purchased for less than the price of three outfits at full retail, Swap.com is a virtual treasure trove full one-of-a-kind finds waiting to be unearthed from 2 million items on our site.

In fact, we’re so confident you’re going to find a treasure on Swap.com, we challenge you to go on a hunt, see what you can dig up and share a photo of you or your kids wearing your one-of-a-kind find on Instagram tagging @SwapConsignment and using the hashtag #SwapTreaureHunt. At the end of each month, we’ll select a winner who will enjoy a $50 Swap.com credit.

How to Play: Entering is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Follow Swap.com on Instagram.
  2. Post a photo of you/your family in/with your Swap.com treasure, tagging @SwapConsignment and using the hashtag #SwapTreasureHunt
  3. Make sure your Instagram profile’s privacy is set to ‘Public’ so that we can see your awesome treasure

Some entries will also earn bragging rights by being featured on Swap.com’s Instagram account.

Be sure to also follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter for fashion and thrift inspiration–as well as other fun sweepstakes–all from the world’s largest online thrift and consignment store, Swap.com.

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May Inbound Hot List!!

Stellar May Items

It’s that time again sellers: inbound box time!  We would love it if you fill your boxes with swimwear, pool party items, graphic t-shirts, and of course shorts; all the SHORTS!!

Red is the New Black: (Women)  Follow the lead of the latest celebrity red carpet looks from Katy Perry to Ashley Graham. We’re seeing this power color everywhere, so now is the time to spice up your inventory with shades of vibrant red.  Style Tip:  Try incorporating red hints into your everyday looks.  Maybe a sweet red bandana, or a red lip and shimmery necklace. 

It’s All in the Details: (Women)  Ruffles, romantic silhouettes/prints, cold shoulders, and unconventional sleeves are selling like crazy. So fast, in fact, we can barely keep restocking these hot items! If you’re looking to make some money this summer, these are some of the biggest trends that will definitely bring in the sales.

Sheer Romance: (Women/Men)  This summer is all about light and flowy fabrics that breathe easy and add a fun, whimisical quality to any outfit. Flouncy tops, sheer tanks/tees, and mesh dresses are edgy, yet feminine and are great layering pieces. The best part is, they can also double as swim cover-ups!  Guys!- You can have your own romantic edge, select a printed shirt or polo and add a neutral linen short, keep the look clean and effortless.  

It’s Cool to be Basic (Women/Men)  Active leggings/pants with prints or mesh accents are trendy and functional. Overall, basic tees and zip-ups from Zara or The Gap (or similar styles) sell the best. Remember, the quality and brand of the items you’re selling can make a big difference in how much you’ll make– even with these basic essentials!  

90s Athleisure and Sportswear: (Women/Men/Kids’)  90s brands and styles are making a comeback in a big way. And what better place to get throwback pieces than an online thrift store? If you’re holding onto any older styles of Adidas, Champion, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, or Levi’s, give those throwback treasures a second life and send them into Swap.com!

Logos, Logos Everywhere: (Women/Men/Kids’)  Band tees, t-shirts with statements or quotes, and quirky graphic tees are fun ways to accent a pair of denim. Vintage band tees are going for double what they’re worth on other sites, so give the buyers what they want: rock and roll!  You should even send in those cartoon tees, retro shows are all the rage.  

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Mom Always Said: Top 10 Pieces of Swap.com Motherly Wisdom

It follows you long after you leave home, it comes up when you least expect it, and most times, it helps you through those challenging obstacles life throws in your way: it’s motherly advice, and none of us could have made it very far in life without it. Since Mother’s Day is right around the corner, we started thinking about all the memorable advice our own mothers have imparted on us, and what meaning (or lack thereof) that advice still holds today. We asked some of our Swap.com staffers what quotable mom wisdom they remember from their childhoods for a little installment we like to call #MomAlwaysSaid:


  1. “Life is not a dress rehearsal”
  2. “The best place to let out frustration is in the car. No one can hear you swear.”
  3. “If at first you don’t succeed, do it like your mother told you!”
  4. “Everything happens for a reason.”
  5. “Sit in the back pews at church for an easy exit.”
  6. “Treat others how you want to be treated.”
  7. “Never be mad at someone when you go to sleep.”
  8. “No boyfriends until you graduate.”
  9. “It’s not how much you spend, it’s how much you save.”
  10. “No.”


Help us celebrate Mother’s Day by sharing some of your mother’s advice, or any advice or quotes you’ve passed along to your kids. We all had a blast recalling our moms’ often funny and also insightful advice, and we hope you do, too. Comment below with a chance to have your mom wisdom shared on our social media pages. We’re excited to hear (and learn) from you!

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This Earth Day, Help Us Raise Awareness of Clothing Waste and Its Negative Impact on the Environment

In honor of Earth Day today, we are launching a brand new It’s Our Earth. Don’t Wear It Out campaign to raise awareness of the 12+ million tons of textiles that fill our landfills every year.

Did you know…

  • 85% of discarded clothing ends up in the trash and buried in landfills every year in the U.S. with the average individual throwing away 70 pounds of textiles.
  • If everyone dedicated just 10% of their purchases to secondhand clothing, it would have the same impact as taking 1 million cars off the road for a year, in terms of emissions reductions.

At Swap.com, we treat every day like Earth Day, and are doing our best to combat clothing waste by providing you with a more sustainable way to shop. In fact, the millions of secondhand items sold on Swap.com, since we opened our doors in 2012, has prevented 91,000 tons of greenhouse emission (CO2) from being released into the atmosphere (the difference between shopping secondhand first vs. buying new).    

How can you help?

Many people are unaware of how their shopping habits can have a negative effect on our environment. We need your help spreading the word, which is as simple as sharing our Swap.com Earth Day video:

  • Go to the Swap.com Facebook page to find our Earth Day video
  • Share the video to your own page and tag your friends now until April 30
  • Make sure to use the hashtag #SwapHowUShop so we can track your entry
  • Make sure to set your post to “Public” so we can see it

Not only will you help bring awareness to this important topic, but you could be the lucky winner of a $100 Swap.com shopping credit. To increase your chances of winning, tag multiple friends in the post for extra entries. If you haven’t already, Like our Facebook Page. The video will be pinned to the top of the page so it’s easy to find.

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3 Tips to Be The Best Bunny You Can Be

Easter can be a busy day full of food, family, and activities that can have you feeling more like the Energizer Bunny than the Easter Bunny. Before you get too wrapped up in remembering  where the heck you hid all those eggs, take five and read some helpful tips on surviving your Easter:

  1. Conserve the chocolate: Keep the chocolates small, the quantity large, and go for the value size bag. That way, you’ll have plenty of chocolate left over after the festivities end to have a personal easter egg you can find over and over. No one said you have to give any to the kids.
  2. Treat your “bunny” right: A lot of people will tell you that rabbits like carrots, lettuce, and other garden greenery. But c’mon. We know a real Easter Bunny’s diet consists of chocolate, massages, naps, wine, and relaxing in the bath. Make sure to treat your Easter Bunny correctly and fit at least a couple of those into your schedule once family festivities have wound down. That way you..we mean, your bunny… will have something to look forward to and will be ready to hop to it year after year.
  3. Get crazy with the dye: Don’t hold back your child’s artistic expression because of stains. Try out all sorts of egg painting techniques and let out your inner Jackson Pollack. Swap.com has plenty of like-new kids’ clothes, so if your child’s Easter best turns out a different color than when you bought it, we have your back, and your front, and just about anywhere else easter egg dye can end up.

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