Summer look in 4 easy steps

Summer Look in 4 Easy Steps!

I am elated to bust out my summer wardrobe, and I did the biggest part last night.  I put away the boots, heavy scarves, and thick sweaters… LITERALLY!

This is how I felt, but not to worry, I rotated the spring merchandise to the front, and just seeing the light colors, the bright scarves, the boat shoes.. Ahh! turned into Well, that’s a relief.  You need to be mentally prepared for the change, and have a go-to outfit to wear, as soon as the weather is steady.  This will propel you for the season, and get those ideas of Summer lovin’ out there.

Don’t be afraid, Summer will be here before you know it!


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Women’s Wear Now Available on

Today we are happy to announce the launch of our new Women’s Category on On January 20th, we made the announcement to our customers that we will be adding women’s to the site and launching the offering in March.

Since making that announcement, our customers have come through and overwhelmed our fulfillment center with thousands of inbound shipments to help us launch with over 25,000 great quality women’s items!


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Children's product recalls: February 2015

Children’s Products Recalls: February 2015

Customer safety and satisfaction is of utmost importance to everyone at, and who uses the services of, As an online consignment store, we want to ensure that all items that are listed are safe to all customers who may use or come in contact with them.

When buying items through consignment or receiving them as a hand-me-downs, it is very important to make sure that the items will be safe to use by everyone in the family.  Items could be recalled by a manufacturer for a number of safety issues or product defects. Unfortunately, these defects are often discovered after the product has been purchased and used by many.

Each month posts recalled children’s products for our readers. Commonly found recalls apply to food items, furniture, and electronic devices, all including those that babies and children may come in with. Information about recalls can be found on store and manufacturer websites and government websites such as


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