To Garage Sale or Not To Garage Sale

Having a garage sale this time of the year might sound like a good idea. That is until you actually start organizing one and realize the amount of time and effort involved in pulling it all together. It will take hours of work to sort through every item you want to sell, price it, set up everything outside and then deal for hours upon hours with hoards of people haggling with you over a $1 item.

At the end of the two day garage sale ordeal, you will be left with some items, no patience and a little bit of money for hours upon hours of work.

So, how do you get all your outgrown and unused kids’ items out of your house and make a profit easily? You send them to will make the experience of getting rid of unused and outgrown kids’ items an easy, lucrative experience. Just pack your gently used items in a box, send it to us and, once you receive a link with the items photographed, name your price for the items. That’s it! You will receive a check in the mail when your things sell, no haggling, no bartering, no hours sitting in the sun or rain dealing with hoards of people.

Also, at you can purchase new items to replace the once your kids outgrew or buy anything on your summer list for a fraction of the price at retail stores and you can do it from the comfort of your home. New clothes, toys, books, movies, games and sports equipment that have been thoroughly inspected to ensure quality are just a click away.

So, if you’re tempted to do a garage sale, save yourself some time, work and aggravation and just send your kids’ items to, we will do the work for you, no haggling required.

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pre-owned maternity clothes

Pre-owned Maternity Clothes, Almost Free!

The glow of pregnancy is a great concept that is not universally embraced by all pregnant women. At least in the sense that many of us don’t feel like we’re glowing as much as incredibly uncomfortable and huge as a house, but then again, I may be speaking just from my own experience.

One of the challenges of having your body change and grow over nine months is, simply enough, finding clothes that fit and don’t make us look like a tent. (more…)

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Traveling Fun For Everyone – Buy Card Games, Puzzles, Coloring Books…

Whether are going to your lake house a couple of hours away, on an airplane to a new destination or on a road trip around the United States, traveling with kids can challenge the most seasoned travelers.

Stocking up on movies, books, games and small toys can make the difference between a great experience and a nightmare to remember.

Summer traveling can put a strain on your budget, so finding economical ways to entertain the kids is often mandatory. Consignment stores, like, offer the perfect solution for stocking up on everything you need to have a smooth trip, without breaking the bank.

Here are some ideas to pass the time easily on the go:

  • Movies are a great way to kill wait time at airports and keep kids occupied and quiet in the car. At consignment stores you can often purchase 4 or 5 movies for the price of just one at a regular retailer. The selection is often comparable to that of stores. has hundreds of movie titles for kids and adults alike in its site.

  • Books are always fantastic options to keep everyone occupied for hours. Consignment stores offer hundreds of titles for young children, independent readers and adults alike. Books entertain everyone on the go and also once you’ve arrived at your destination.

  • Puzzles and coloring books can be used on the plane easily when you lower the food tray and also in the car using a cheap lap tray. Once you reach your vacation spot, kids can continue to play with these items during downtime, or bring them to restaurants to keep them busy during longer meal times.

  • Classic games such as card games are always fun and easy to transport. Consignment stores offer a variety of compact travel games such as Rush Hour Traffic Jam game, memory card games, dominoes and a variety of infant sensory toys, most of them under $10.

And last, but not least, don’t forget to check out the baby gear selection with infant carriers, blankets, bibs, travel changing pads, bags and a variety of like-new and new travel accessories for a fraction of the cost.

This summer, make traveling fun and memorable for everyone shopping at consignment stores.

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Buy Used Toys Online – Summer Fun for Less

Soon kids will be out of school for the summer, three months of freedom, fun in the sun and unstructured days. Within the first day or two of these three months of bliss parents everywhere will hear the very familiar phrase “I’m bored.”


Yes, three months off school is a long time to entertain kids and keep them from uttering those three dreaded words. We will sign them up for classes, take some family vacations and organize playdates, many, many playdates.


Something that might help ease the transition into unstructured time is new activities and toys. Toys specifically designed for outdoor play can engage kids for hours and burn the extra energy they might use up complaining of being bored.


Consignment stores, like, are a great resource to stock up on new toys for the summer, for a fraction of the price you’d pay at regular retailers.


Some items that are great to purchase used for outdoor play are sprinklers, inflatable pools, balls, Frisbees, roller blades, beach toys, and a variety of sports equipment. Many items are often brand new and can be found in the original packaging for a fraction of the cost.


Pool toys are often available too; whether it’s diving rings, arm bands, snorkeling equipment or safety vests for little ones, consignment stores make stocking up easy, fun and economical.


And for those days destined for the indoors, due to weather, illness or any other reason, there is also board games, puzzles, movies and books. A variety of budget friendly options that give parents a fighting chance against those three dreaded words.

Read More Now the Largest Online Kids’ Consignment Store in the US Now the Largest Online Kids’ Consignment Store in the US


Addison, IL. 04/23/2014 – With 50,000+ items in its inventory, has become the largest online kids’ consignment store in the United States. The company launched this service just over a year ago, and has been growing fast. “With more than 35 percent month-to-month growth this year, we are definitely the largest and also the fastest growing online consignment store,” explains Jussi Koskinen, co-founder.

“The amount of inventory we carry now enables buyers to find kids’ clothes from all the major brands in any size,” states Michelle Thompson, Director of Customer Acquisition and Retention. “For example, we have 100 different Gymboree shirts in 5-year-old size and about the same amount of Gap pants in 12 to 24 month sizes. We plan to continue growing the selection by more than 10,000 items per month, to make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for, quickly and easily.” Thompson, with more than a decade of experience in the kids’ consignment business, is keenly aware of the key ingredients needed to keep customers coming back to “Selection, prices and fast delivery are the most important things for our customers,” Thompson notes.

To accommodate this rapid growth, the company is in the process of expanding its fulfillment center, currently located in Addison, IL, into a 100,000 square feet facility. offers busy parents a convenient way to buy and sell kids’ items. Customers pack their items in a box and ship them to, using a provided UPS shipping slip. then photographs and lists the items on the customer’s account. Then, the customer can price the items and when they sell, the customer gets most of the proceeds. “The buying experience is similar to buying from Amazon: you add the items from various sellers to the shopping cart and checkout. We ship them to you within one business day,” says Koskinen. “Sellers are also really happy because their items sell really fast,” concludes Thompson. features baby and kids’ clothes, baby gear, toys and games, movies, video games and maternity clothes. In the online consignment model, the items are owned and priced by the customers, but the inspection, quality grading, photography, storage and shipping of the items is handled by

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What can you do in 9 months?

  1. Develop a child within your womb (if you’re a human female).
  2. Grow 4.5 inches of hair (per family member).
  3. Read the Harry Potter series 24 times (on an average of 1.5 weeks per read-through of the series).
  4. Watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy 532 times (Extended Edition on repeat).
  5. Store your extra kids’ items for free on! We have expanded our storage fees from 90 days to 9 months, so send your items in now!

In 9 months your kids, or even grandkids, will grow a size or two! And you continue your convenient habit of making money selling your extra kids’ and maternity items on Please note, the 9-month-free-storage is for the items that are accepted to be listed on

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