Go for the gently used Legos, Elmos, and Barbies!

Enjoy thanksgiving and shop savvy!

Don’t run to the mall with the masses. Enjoy the meal and the family time. Swap.com wants to help you enjoy the holidays with our amazing gifts for the kids.

The savvy shops for green gifts online

Be easy on yourself, and on your wallet, and get the kids’ gifts on budget at Swap.com at whatever time of day works best for you. We have the green versions of the Fab and Hot: LEGOs, Elmos, and Barbies. Even better, go for the one-of-a-kind New With Tags and Like New condition Toys & Games, Kids’ Clothes, and Books.

Free shipping for first purchase
and free shipping for purchases over $50

Free shipping is always great, but if you’d like, there’s also the “keep in storage” (aka layaway) available. It’s important to hide the gifts from the curious kids. Feel free to keep your purchases with Swap.com and ship out when you get closer to the big day. To keep in storage, simply login/register and you can find the “keep in storage” option at the checkout.

Shop for amazing gifts for the kids!

Swap.com wishes you happy thanksgiving!

As savvy shoppers know, Swap.com has Black Friday and Cyber Monday every day of the year. Above all, we want to thank you for your support during our first year of operations at Swap.com Kids’ Consignment.

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Have a Green Christmas at Swap.com

Addison, IL – November 20th, 2013 – Soon most of us will be in the throes of the holiday shopping season. Before you head out the door to the outlet stores, the big box stores, or any other brick and mortar store, consider a more economical and environmentally friendly way of giving gently used and pre-owned items.

Swap.com has taken the pre-owned shopping experience digital, with a web site where people can buy, sell or swap gently used kids’ items. It doesn’t get any easier to sell your items; you pack your gently used items, ship them to us and we’ll professionally photograph them and post them on our site. You name your price and collect the money via PayPal, minus a service fee, once your items sell.

Everyone who has kids has items at home that were purchased and sit in a closet with the tags still on. Selling those items can clean out your closets, give you some money for the holidays and also, give those items a second chance.

The same can be said about very gently used items: that dress shirt that went to church or grandma’s once; the toy that seemed like a great idea but didn’t capture their imagination; the books that were read a couple of times in bed. The list is long and the benefits of giving those items a second life are obvious.

This holiday season, consider giving items that are already manufactured and enjoying a second life. Swap.com buyers are raving about the speed of delivery, the quality of the items, and the value. Buying from swap.com is a sure-fire hit for gifts under the tree this season. There are many giftable items on the site from holiday clothing, festive pajamas, the hottest toys, and movies to enjoy while the kids are on holiday break. Most items on the site are 50-85% off of retail prices, so it’s a budget-friendly solution as well.

These outlets have already seen the benefits of swap.com:





About Swap.com and Netcycler:

Swap.com re-defines online consignment services and makes trading of pre-owned items more convenient, safe and profitable than ever before. You can buy, swap and sell items at swap.com. The Swap.com service is owned by Netcycler, a cleantech company, since August 2012.

Netcycler, with Europe’s largest base of online swapping users, is a Finnish start-up company that currently offers item swapping services in the US, UK, Germany, and Finland to more than 100,000 registered users. No other swapping and trading service is known to have a larger user base anywhere on the planet. The company is based in Helsinki, Finland, and Chicago/Addison, Illinois. The Swap.com service can be found at www.swap.com.

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Get Your Items in on Santa’s Sleigh

Holiday countdown begins

Whether you believe the holiday shopping season is starting a bit too early, or you’re enjoying seeing glimpses of Rudolph in the aisles at your local store, the demand is clear: our users are on the lookout for gifts to fill Santa’s sleigh. If you have unused toys or clothing for the winter season, now is the time to send them in!

SEll your extra kids’ items now

Make money for your gift-giving fund. It’s time to send in the kids’ items suited as gifts and anything useful for the winter season. You can also take the advantage of swapping your items for the items you want.

Toys wanted, not coal! 

Shop early for stress-free christmas eve

On Swap.com we have great deals on New with Tags and Like New condition Toys & Games, Kids’ Clothes, and Books, and more comes in every day.

Make it even easier for yourself: skip the need of assembling new toys by buying pre-loved toys this time around and the work is already done for you! And you won’t overload the garbage man because most of our items are package-free.

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Baby Shower Gifts on a Budget

Eco-Friendly Twist on Baby Gifts

Maybe you’re attending a baby shower for a new mom…or maybe you want to do something special for a mom who’s about to have her 2nd, 3rd, or 4th child! Use Swap.com to purchase new with tags or like new baby items as fantastic presents! All of our items come individually wrapped and are ready for gifting. As an extra bonus, you’re helping the environment by purchasing pre-owned items!

Start Shopping Now!

A Finnish tradition comes to Swap.com

In Finland, they provide expectant families with everything you would need for the first year of your baby’s life (read more here)! We thought we’d try to recreate this awesome idea with pre-owned baby items.

Everything but the Baby Deluxe Set

Our in-house buyers have purchased all of the clothing items you would find yourself needing the first few month’s of your bundle of joy’s life. We offer them for baby girls (pictured above) and baby boys (click here). For $69 (retail $159+), you will receive a diaper bag (18″x14″) full of 20 items including:

  • Bodysuits, Rompers, Footed Pajamas, Outfits size NB-3/6M
  • Swaddle Blanket
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Socks 0-3M
  • Baby book
  • Baby toys

Everything but the Baby Mini Set

For those on a tighter budget, we have created a smaller-scale version of this baby-readiness kit. Also available in baby boys (above) and baby girls (click here). For $39 (retail $99+), you will receive a diaper bag (14″x14″) full of 10 items including:

  • Bodysuits, Rompers, Footed Pajamas, Outfits size NB-3/6M
  • Light Jacket
  • Baby Toy

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The Value of $8.90

$8.90 is our very reasonable, introductory rate to use our service to sell and swap your extra kids’ items! You receive the below “valet” treatment:

  • Shipping your items (up to 30 lbs!) to our logistics center, you can print the label at home or we can mail it to you
  • Sorting through and making sets out of your items
  • Photographing your items with our hi-tech set-up. Great pictures sell!
  • Categorizing and listing your items on Swap.com for you to sell and swap

Swap.com is useful for me as I have a lot of items that I know have value, but I don’t want to have a garage sale, donate them, or do eBay. It is really easy to just mail a box with lots of stuff and then sell and get other things through swapping.” Customer Sheila of Northville, MI in July 2013

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