Pro Tips for Back to School Savings

Back to School shopping is here, and if you aren’t savvy, you can end up paying a ton for unnecessary gear. Luckily, is here to give you the best value for kids’ clothes and gear with your favorite brands for up to 90% off. Don’t get schooled by retailers, and teach your kids a lesson on savings with these pro tips on back to school shopping:

Think Secondhand Uniforms First
Nervous about how many outfits and uniforms your kid will need for their closet? carries your favorite brands of kids’ formal clothes saving you hundreds off retail price. We carry khakis, skirts, polos, and dresses for boys and girls in all colors and sizes.

Get the Best Backpack
When it comes to backpacks, it’s worth it to spend the extra few bucks for durability. There are plenty of backpacks that will break down within a year, leaving you buying a new backpack every back to school season. Search by brand on and find hundreds of gently-used, durable backpacks.

Buy In Bulk
Shipping is always free when your order is over $60 on Knock out tons of items on your list at once and save the $5.99 shipping fee!

Set a Budget
Spending gets out of hand when you aren’t keeping track. Know the maximum amount you’d like to spend before you go shopping, it will make you more thoughtful about your shopping choices and will cause you to become more creative in order to fit your constraints.

Think Beyond School
Will your kid be wearing this next year? Sure, these clothes may be trendy, but are they durable? Think into the future, as well as how much use you’ll get out of the item. Also, back to school means back to sports, clubs, rehearsals and everything else. Don’t forget to factor extracurriculars into your shopping list.

What are you waiting for? Make a plan and start saving now! Shop to it >

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