Top Thrifters’ New Year’s Resolutions #New2You

The New Year is a time for people to reflect upon their growth over the past year, and to set their goals for the coming year. As thrifters, we are constantly striving to do more for our bank accounts, families, closets, and the environment. Now that the holiday craze is winding down, we can focus on setting our intentions for the coming year. Here are the New Year’s Resolutions of some top thrifters. #New2You


Luvie, Thrifter & Mother of 5

I have spent  a lot of time decluttering during the year of 2017. So, my goal for 2018 is to only buy things that I absolutely love. Because I am a mom with 5 kids I want to make sure I also only purchase clothes that I’m comfortable doing multiple activities in. You never know when you will be chasing kids around, rolling around on the ground, and then have to jump up to go be somewhere. I want my clothes to encompass all the activities of being a mom but still look stylish. And thriftiness is always key. Outfitting a family of seven shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, and it doesn’t have to if you’re smart about it.

Amelia Johnson, Thrifter, Blogger, & Fashion Feature Editorial Fellow at College Fashionista

In 2018, I am keeping my resolutions attainable and sustainable. Thrifting is already a love of mine, so it is the perfect activity to incorporate into my goals for 2018. This year, I hope to purchase all of my clothing from second-hand stores. This is definitely ambitious, but also achievable! Not only is this better for the budget, but it is friendlier to the environment. Another goal of mine is to donate at least five clothing items each month. I often notice myself keeping pieces that I rarely wear. By donating, I can keep a cohesive closet and give my used clothes a new life. Here’s to a thrifty new year!

Erin Joy Seibert, Storyteller, Sustainability & Wellness Blogger
First of all, when it comes to setting goals, I want to have fun and enjoy life while going ever-greener! My meta-frame is to continually educate myself about the impact my choices have on our planet, and on all people everywhere. From this mindset, my specific resolutions for the upcoming year are many. For example, although I already avoid fast-fashion by shopping second-hand (and eco-conscious lines when I can afford them), I want to get better at mending my own garments and I want to have more clothing swaps with friends (fun, remember?!). If I dive in to imagining those gatherings I hope to host, I can name a few more resolutions: cooking from scratch often and increasing how much local food I eat… utilizing alternative transportation such as bus or carpool, and encouraging my friends to do the same (I will make you a cupcake if you bike to my party). Many of the things I hope to work on are things I have already been working on… I like knowing that no matter how hard I work on being green, I can always challenge myself to find ways to do better, which is what 2018 will be all about!
Cilla Manzo, Sustainable Fashion Blogger
A couple years ago I dedicated myself to shopping more sustainably and it was not an easy task as a full-time student on a part-time minimum wage salary. However, I was able to keep my promise by shopping secondhand at thrift stores and great sites just like Swap! This year I want to push myself further and rid my closet of all non-sustainable clothing and though I have a full-time job, I’m still on a budget and secondhand shopping will be my savior.
Kat, Eco Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger
My goal for 2018 is to continue to inspire others to live every aspect of their lives in a sustainable manner including fashion, food, and lifestyle choices. In doing so, I want others to see that a change is necessary and that through their individual choices and the power of sustainable purchases, they can absolutely be the change. Together, we can make the world a place with more love, more compassion, and more respect.

Jessica, Mother and Blogger

In the upcoming New Year, our family has a goal of eliminating debt in order to travel more. One way to do that is to find ways to spend less on things we need like clothing without sacrificing our own individuality and self-expression. Swap allows us to save money so that we can create amazing memories instead of paying retail prices for memories that hang in your closet.

Danielle, Mother and Writer

Clothing has always made my world go round. It is what makes me tick, gives me life, and continues to make my heart flutter. My love affair with clothing has grown and evolved over the span of my life and has never left my side, even when I became a mother. It is a part of me and it is a part of our life. I have always found thrill in the hunt. I have always appreciated clothing that has been broken in and has its own story to tell. I have appreciated the pursuit of the thrift and the sustainability that comes along with shopping second hand. Not only am I finding a way to express my uniqueness, I am also doing my part to cut down on the overabundance of material things. It can be tricky when a person is always chasing trends and the latest and greatest, but when you shop second hand you can find a unique style expression that is all your own. It is timeless and never goes out of style!

I love buying clothing for my children and myself that is fun to style and shoot for photos and also wear in everyday life. I love knowing that we are giving new life to clothing and I don’t have to worry about them getting dirty or worn because of their cost. I want my children to play and run and get dirty and laugh, even when they are wearing outfits that I had so much fun styling and piecing together. I am proud that I have been able to carry a passion with me through my life and incorporate into the daily life of my growing family year after year.That’s how 7 of our top thrifters are resolving to improve in 2018, but we want to hear from YOU! Comment below to tell us how you plan on going green in 2018, or share your resolutions with us on social media, using #New2You. Make 2018 the thriftiest yet by following us on Instagram and Facebook for more tips on saving money, growing more sustainable, and being stylish this year.

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