Thrifty Gifty: Thrifters’ Favorite Gifts

Merry Thriftmas, community! The #12DaysOfThriftmas have been filled with thriftiness, merriment, and cheer. Thank you to everyone who shared their favorite thrifted gifts that they have either received or given to someone they love with us on Instagram. To continue the spirt of #12DaysOfThriftmas, we’ve selected 12 of our favorite discovered treasures. Stay thrifty!

Did you received or give any thrifty gifts that you treasure? Wed’d love to hear from you in the comments. Who knows, your quote could be featured in an upcoming blog or on our Instagram or Facebook.


Conor Janda

Conor is a social media specialist at He grew up in Philadelphia and went to college in North Carolina. Feet in Chicago. Eye to the West.

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