Top 10 “Thriftiest” Cities in the U.S.

Thrifting has been gaining popularity over the past several years. In fact, the industry is estimated to become a $33 billion industry by 2021. What was once viewed as an option for college kids, hipsters and Halloween costumes is now a viable and environmentally-friendly way to shop for people of all ages and income brackets. In response to this information, we were curious to know which U.S. cities were the thriftiest in 2017. To find out, we looked at purchases made last year to identify cities with the highest number thrifters. 

Did your city make our list?’s Top 10 Thriftiest Cities

10. Sacramento

Sacramento just makes the Top 10 Thriftiest Cities list, taking the 10th spot. Sacramento, better known as “The City of Trees,” has the most trees per capita of any city in the world. Living in a city that finds appreciation in preserving the environment, the residents of Sacramento can also appreciate the environmental benefits that come with shopping secondhand.

9 .San Antonio

San Antonio, the most visited city in Texas, makes our Top 10 Thriftiest Cities list in the U.S. With median household income at $47,000, San Antonio residents appreciate the ability to save big on quality secondhand clothing.  

8. Philadelphia

Although avid sports fans and cheese steaks come to mind first, Philadelphia now can be known for its love of thrift shopping. With an average family size of three in Philadelphia, thrifting helps growing families save big. Median income in Philly is $39,000, so having the option to buy 80-90% off retail is an appealing way to stay on top of the latest styles.

7. San Diego

San Diego, better known for its great weather all year-round, can also be known for their strong Thrifting habits. San Diego’s average resident is 34 and with 45% of the population married, what better reason to practice smart thrifting and save big to help supplement a daunting mortgage bill or a new member of the family!

6. Miami

Miami, known for the lavish nightclub scene and beach parties, ranks just outside the top half of Thriftiest cities. Miami residents are known for their loud fashion sense and with the average income being $52,000, shopping secondhand seems second nature to support the costs of living at this trendy vacation spot.  

5. Los Angeles

L.A., known for nightlife, restaurants and celebrity sightings is also home to a young, vibrant crowd where individual style is not to be sacrificed. With its high cost of living, the budget for clothing expenses may be slim, but the savviest thrifters know you can find trendy for less in order to make ends meet.

4. New York

It comes as no surprise that New York City ranks high on the list of top thrifting cities. As one of the most fashion-iconic cities in the world with one of the highest cost of living, savvy thrifters know how to find looks that suit their personal style that doesn't come at the cost of their monthly paycheck.

3. Houston

Houston is home to a young population, with the largest percentage (18%) falling between the ages of 24-34, so it makes sense that this city with a budget state-of-mind would land the 3rd spot on Thriftiest Cities list. also dubbed Houston as one of the Top 10 Greenest Cities, which perfectly fits the profile of a thrifter, who always makes a conscious effort to protect the environment and give clothes a second life.

2. Brooklyn

Brooklyn is home to a young, eclectic crowd that thrives on authenticity and expression of style. Brooklyn is known for its artsy neighborhoods, and it seems natural this city would be drawn to thrifting. The ability to find one-of-a-kind pieces and creative items that no one else has is something Brooklynites appreciate. The cost of living in Brooklyn also comes with a high price tag, meaning thrifting and secondhand shopping is an easy way to shave off the monthly expenses.

1. Chicago

Chicago, the hometown of, was ranked as the thriftiest city in the United States. The high population of college students combined with the environmentally-conscious urban neighborhood residents make Chicago a standout in the secondhand market.


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