Top Trends of 2016: Looking Back on the Most–and Least–Popular Purchases

From the Cubs winning the World Series to the loss of ‘80s rock icons, 2016 has had ups and downs. As the year comes to a close, we wanted to look back on which fashion choices were your favorites and which ones fell flat at Taking into consideration clothing type, colors and brands, the team compiled top-line findings of the most–and least–popular purchases of 2016. For example, would you have guessed California bought more bodysuits last year than any other state?

The Highs and Lows of 2016…
In 2016, the Top 10 most popular purchases on nationwide included basic fashion staples no closet should be without. We also highlighted the states that purchased the most of these hot items.

Top 10 Most Popular Clothing Items
1. Shirts: #1 State – Wyoming
2. Dresses: #1 State – Texas
3. Shorts: #1 State – Texas
4. Jeans: #1 State – Wyoming
5. Blouses: #1 State – Texas
6. Tank Tops: #1 State – Vermont
7. Sweaters: #1 State – Wisconsin
8. T-shirts: #1 State – Utah
9. Skirts: #1 State – Utah
10. Jackets: #1 State – Washington

Blue vs. Yellow
The most popular color of 2016 was blue. The most popular piece of clothing purchased in blue was–not surprisingly–jeans, followed by shirts, shorts, dresses and t-shirts.

The least popular color of 2016 was yellow. The most popular pieces of clothing purchased in yellow were shirts, dresses, tank tops, t-shirts and bodysuits.

Beloved Brands!
The most popular brand purchased from was Old Navy with Vermont loving it the most. Check out the brands that made it into our Top 10 purchases for the year along with their loyal state, which bought this brand more than any other in 2016.

1. Old Navy: #1 State – Vermont
2 Carter’s: #1 State – Wyoming
3. Gymboree: #1 State – New Mexico
4. Gap: #1 State – Vermont
5. The Children’s Place: #1 State – North Dakota
6. Faded Glory: #1 State – Arizona
7. Motherhood Maternity: #1 State – Colorado
8. Cherokee: #1 State – Utah
9. Baby Gap: #1 State – Maryland
10. Disney: #1 State – South Dakota

Purchase Pre-Owned Goods Over Brand New
As a purveyors of pre-owned clothing and household goods, we want to celebrate the states that made the most purchases on last year. Here are the Top 5.
1. California
2. Texas
3. Florida
4. New York
5. Pennsylvania

For these states, shirts and dresses from Old Navy ranked among the most popular purchases. However, we were more curious to see which clothing items didn’t make an impression on our most active customers. Below are the least favorite clothing items for 2016.
1. California: Shrugs, footed pajamas and sweater vests
2. Texas: Bodysuits, leggings and cardigans
3. Florida: Snow Boots, thermal underwear, wrist warmers and suspenders
4. New York: Polos, sweatpants, overalls and jean shorts
5. Pennsylvania: Rompers, Hoodies, jumpsuits and shorts

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We look forward to serving you in 2017. Happy New Year!

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  1. I love swap. mu weight has been changing and I couldn’t afford to look good though out this ordeal without swap. I like a little funky, skirts, leggings, and layering. thank you so much swap for making it easy to shop from the comfort of my home and great prices! I also appreciate you sights ability to single out sizes and prices. Happy new year!

    1. Happy New Year, Christina! We’re so glad to hear you were able to find exactly what you were looking for on We look forward to your business in 2017!

  2. I find a very unique shopping site. It has so many types of clothing for the entire family at such a bargain price. Also, the return policy is a key factor in purchasing because sizes differ by manufacturer and sending it back is so easy.

    1. Gordeon, this is music to our ears! We are actually approaching two million one-of-kind pieces for the whole family, so be sure to check back often for the latest and greatest goods.

    1. Nichole, we’re pretty cold here in Chicago too. Fuzzy anything is a great choice for keeping your 6 month old warm and stylish!

    1. Christina, we love having you as a customer! Keep checking the site. We add thousands of unique items, for the whole family to enjoy, every day.

    1. Thanks, Anna! Can you believe we’re almost at two million one-of-a-kind items for the whole family? Thanks again for the feedback. We love hearing from happy customers.

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    1. Thank you, Amanda! We’re glad you enjoyed our blog. Please let us know if there are other topics you’d like us to blog about?

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