A Look Back: 2017 Top Trends on Swap.com

We are so ready for 2018, but before we say sayonara to this year, lets look back on the top trends of 2017!


Bold white shoes are one of the top trends of 2017 that can carry you from spring all the way into the winter months. Although many believe that you cannot wear white after Labor Day, white was actually one of the top 5 shoe colors sold on Swap.com for 2017. Surprisingly, the color white sold the best in Q1 during the coldest winter months as the 5th best selling shoe color on our site.

70’s PLAID

As the saying goes, “plaid is rad” and we agree! 70’s plaid was a top trend this season and something everyone wants to own in their closet. This versatile print has not only been seen on the runway for 2017 but has also proved to be a hot commodity on Swap.com. Plaid was among the top 10 patterns sold on our site in 2017. Usually when I think of plaid I think of the snowy winter months warming up by the fire drinking hot chocolate. However, we sold more plaid in the warmer months in Q2 and Q3 than we did in the colder months in Q1 and Q4.


Roses are red, violets are blue, florals are on trend and you can be too! Floral prints are usually a sign that Spring has sprung so its no surprise we sold twice as many floral print items on Swap.com in Q2 and Q3 as we did in Q1 and Q4. Florals are among our top 3 best selling prints in 2017 next to stripes and colorblock. Popular brands on our site such as Banana Republic, J.Crew and Gap offer many different floral prints to carry you into 2018.


Mid length skirts are one of the most flattering ways to dress up any outfit. It’s no wonder skirts are among the top 10 best selling categories on Swap.com. Even mid length skirts expose one’s legs to the cold weather which is why this trend sold 33% better during Q2 and Q3 than in Q1 and Q4. There’s one thing for sure, you can’t wear a skirt without a shirt! Shirts are actually our #1 selling category followed by dresses at #2!


First comes the worst, second is the best! I would have to agree with this childhood rhyme especially when it comes to statement stripes! Stripes are the second best selling print on Swap.com. This was one of my favorite trends this year and I have to admit I have quite a stripe collection going in my own closet. Unlike the other trends we sold stripes consistently through out the entire year and we don’t plan on saying goodbye to stripes as we say hello to 2018.


Can you say “Pantone color of the year”? Greenery (yellowish green) was not only the color of the year but green was also one of our top 10 best selling colors on Swap.com for 2017. This shade of green was chosen by Pantone as it represents the first days of Spring and also symbolizes a fresh new year or a new beginning. For us at Swap.com, green represents taking care of the environment by shopping secondhand and keeping clothes from filling our landfills. Because there are so many different shades of green, this is definitely a color that can be worn all year long. We would have to agree that green is a fresh choice as this was our 7th best selling color in 2017. What are your favorite green items in your closet?
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Lauren is the Stylist & Fashion Marketer at Swap.com. Her favorite Swap.com brands are Levi's, J.Crew and Theory. Lauren's style can best be described as "downtown, cool and always comfortable".

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