10 Great Christmas Gifts Mom is Sure to Love

If you’re like me, finding Christmas gifts for mom is almost impossible unless she gives you a list.  And, if you’re like me, mom never gives you a list.  My mom’s favorite answers when I ask her seem to be “I don’t know” and “I don’t want anything.”  So what do you get for mom?  We’ve got a couple ideas.

For the Broadway lover!

A great gift for mom this year is a pair of tickets to see a play.  It’s a great excuse for her to take a night on the town.  With the extra ticket, she’s free to bring a guest of her choice and really make it a night on the town!  If you know a good theatre in your area, look into getting her a season pass.  That way she can enjoy several plays throughout the year.  Whether she’s into opera, musicals, or plays, there’s sure to be something that mom loves on the stage this year!  Just be prepared to spend a bit of money for a seat in a nicer theatre.

For the fashionista!

If mom is going to be going out to see a play or three this year, why not help her feel like a million bucks while she does it?  For the colder weather, a pair of leather gloves is a classic accessory that never goes out of style.  A warm cashmere scarf is stylish and practical, not to mention luxuriously soft!  If you know what she likes, you could also throw in some classic jewelry or a piece she can pair with a favorite outfit.  Other good options are her a bottle of her favorite perfume or a gorgeous new outfit to fit the occasion!

For the foodie!

While mom’s going out, she has to eat.  If she’s got a favorite restaurant or cuisine, take her out for a delicious dinner.  The rest of the family can fend for themselves for a night.  Whether it’s fine dining or a favorite local stop, you’ll get to spend some quality time together and catch up.  Another night thing you can do is make reservations for her and a guest at a local restaurant.  A gift certificate or gift card also works, so that she can pick the time and the place.  Encourage her to go all out: dress up, order a drink, indulge in that dessert she’s always wanted to try!  The sky’s the limit!

For the avid reader!

Some mom’s are more comfortable sitting at home and curling up with a good book.  If you know her favorite series, author, or genre, why not buy her a book she doesn’t already own?  On these cold winter nights, she’ll have something to look forward to as she winds down for the evening.  Another fun option is to look into getting a book signed with a personal message from her favorite author (when possible).  But physical books can be bulky and cost quite a bit of money.  An e-reader or tablet is the perfect solution.  They’re portable and can hold several books at a time, so mom doesn’t have to worry about finishing it her current one!  And, if nothing else, you can always get her a gift card so that she can buy her own books.

For the sports fan!

Some moms are huge sports fans!  They‘re on the edge of their seats, shouting at the players and getting angry at the refs.  If this is your mom, why not get her a jersey?  You can find one for her favorite team or player.  Just be careful you go through an official channel, as there are a lot of knock-offs on the market.  You’ll pay a bit more, but the quality can’t be beat!  Mom will be proud to rep her favorite team on game day!  And if you want something a bit different, you can get different sorts of memorabilia, like caps, mugs, or commemorative plaques.

For the mom who needs a break!

Between working and taking care of the family, it can be difficult for mom to find time for herself.  Solve that this Christmas by gifting her a trip to the spa!  She can relax with a massage, get her nails painted, and be pampered for a day like the queen we all know she is.  Or, try bringing the spa home.  Help her set the mood with some candles.  Let her indulge with some scented bath salts and a relaxing face mask.  She can scrub her cares away with an exfoliating body wash. Mom is sure to be left feeling refreshed.

For the home chef!

A mom who cooks always needs something for her kitchen, whether it is a tool or a toy.  But why stop at a new citrus reamer or mandolin?  These days, you can buy mom a set of personalized, engraved knives.  Of course, she’ll need a brand new wood block to hold them.  If a new set of knives is a bit out of your price range, why not an engraved cutting board?  A new bamboo or wood cutting board personalized just for your mom and practical and beautiful.  If your mom is more into baking, a marble pastry slab might just be the thing she needs.  Or how about a new set of piping bags, for the mom who makes cakes like a professional baker?

For the audiophile!

Does your mom just love music?  Is she all about unmatched audio integrity?  Then a pair of high quality speaker or headphones might be right up her alley.  For a reasonable price, you can find all sorts of high-quality audio devices.  A set of speakers from Bose, Nocs, Klipsch, or Bowers & Wilkins are a great addition to any audiophile’s collection.  Of course, she might be more into personal jam sessions.  If so, why not a pair of headphones from Audio Technica, Bose, or Sennheiser?  They offer amazing sound quality at a reasonable price.  Coupled with portability and your mom can listen to her heart’s content.

For the mom on the go!

Some moms are always on the go, from work to dinner to the gym.  An infuser water bottle is a great way to keep her hydrated.  She simply put the fruits, vegetables, or herbs she wants into the central compartment and has refreshing, flavored water throughout the day.  Eating right can be difficult for mom who is always moving, so a why not try something like Graze or NatureBox.  For just a few dollars a month, she can get delicious, healthy snacks delivered to her home or work.  If your mom loves yoga or likes to stay fit at the gym, a new mat, gym bag, or free weights are excellent choices.

For the “I don’t want anything” mom!

This is always the hardest type of mom to shop for.  Don’t worry, we’ve got ideas for her, too.  A magazine subscription is always an excellent option.  From food to home decor to science and everything in between, there’s sure to be something you can find for your mom.  But in recent years there’s been an uptick in the number of box subscriptions.  Want to try snacks?  Easy home cooked meals?  How about crafts for the kids?  Or even beauty products, toys and treats for the dog, or cookies?  Cookies!  There’s a box subscription or club out there that will fit your mom to perfection!  Sign her up for it and let it be a surprise, something new for her to try every month.

I hope at least one of these suggestions sparks an idea.  Moms always want to please everybody else.  At Christmas, it’s nice to get into the giving spirit and get her something extra special to show you appreciate everything she does.  Merry Christmas, Mom!

What gifts have you given mom for Christmas that she really loved?  Share your stories with us in the comments below.

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