12 Thrifty Gift Buys For The Season

Tis’ the season of awesome gifts and spending overload. It’s no secret that we break the bank on those perfect gifts for our family and friends. But what if you can buy awesome gifts without spending a lot of money? Below are listed 12 Thrifty Gift Buys that I found while shopping here at swap.com.


1. Turtle Neck Sweater  $8–> Buy

Our current turtle neck sweaters are found on swap.com with discounts of 20%-60%. This particular sweater is priced at $3.20 with an original sale price of $8.00.


2. Holiday Themed Sweater $9–> Buy

Holiday sweaters are trendy during this season and can be useful for holiday parties or to simply keep warm in the cold season. This sweater is priced at $9 on swap.com.


3. Pajama Set $8–> Buy

Pajama sets are the perfect gifts during the winter season. It allows warmth and style for bed or around the house.


4. Robe $10 –> Buy

Robes are the perfect gifts for mom and dad. We list them for both men and women. All our robes are priced between $8-$20.


5. Chicago Bulls Pajama Pants (men) $8 –> Buy

Wouldn’t you want to wear your favorite team pajama pants while cheering them on?  Sports wear is always a plus for Christmas gifts, which leads us to our next thrifty find of Jerseys.


6. New Baseball Jeresy $23--> Buy

This brand new baseball Jersey is a thrifty steal. Baseball Jerseys are unisex and can be worn year-round. You can never go wrong with team sports gifts.


7. New Calvin Klein Neck Tie $5.70 –> Buy

This brand new Calvin Klein neck tie can be perfect for any male in your family. This tie is priced up to $25 in normal retail.


8. Men’s Burberry Blazer $76 –> Buy

This Burberry Men’s Blazer is priced at $250 used and $600 brand new in retail. This is a designer deal that you don’t want to miss out on. Shop Blazers


9. UGG Slippers $78 –> Buy

UGG Slippers are $100 in retail. Slippers are great gifts for the holiday season. These can be worn in the home during cool seasons and outside when its warm.


10. Movies,TV Series & Games $2.80-$3.80 –> Buy

All your favorite movies, tv series and kid games can be found right here on swap.com. With our huge collection, you can easily get your favorites as low as $2.80 for the entire family.


11. Children’s Books $2.80-$3–> Buy

Children books can be found on swap.com for as low as $2.80. With fun filled creative books, you can get them at a good rate for a lifetime investment.


12. Kid hats & Accessories $2.80-$7–>Buy

We have loads of hats and accessories for the winter season. You can find the perfect set for boys and girls for as low as $2.80. There are many brands and styles to choose.

We at swap know that it’s possible to budget your holiday spending. Buying thrifty gifts is not only smart but fun. We have one of the kind items for low and discounted prices. Not only will you be giving to others this holiday season but you will also give back to the environment by shopping secondhand. So let’s save together!

For more thrifty holiday gift ideas visit swap.com today.


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