5 Mens’ Sweaters Worth Falling For

Lord knows we all love a good pair of swim trunks and wasting away the day baking on the beach. However, all seasons must change–even our favorite ones–which is why we’ve hand selected eight comfy (yet fashionable) sweaters for men you can use as a layer to complete an outfit, or wear as a single piece. Whether you’re strolling through a pumpkin patch or cozying up on the couch for a night of Netflix, we’ve got you covered.

  1. For going on a first date to an orchard. There’s nothing Granny Smith about this trendy Calvin Klein pick.

Shop it here.

2. College may be over for some of us, but you can still feel collegiate heading to Homecoming or a tailgate in this Gap sweater.

Shop here. 


3. For trekking through Manhattan on that fall urban excursion. Blend right in with this trendy Calvin Klein sweater.

Shop it here.

4. Play a round of golf or some tennis in this Tommy Hilfiger classic. Shop it here. 

5. Making major gains in the gym and ready to show ’em off? Try a fitted J.Crew sweater. When it gets cold, show off the swole (muscles).

Shop it here.

While some may feel sad about summer fading away, fall is a fresh, new season that can inspire new beginnings and intrigue. That’s exciting! So, even though we can’t stop the chill in the air doesn’t mean we can’t look fabulous in our soft sweaters.

These sweaters aren’t your style? Don’t feel discouraged. Shop our whole sweater collection here.




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