6 Quick Tips: How to Pack Light for Holiday Travel

The holidays are approaching and so is travel time. Traveling can feel like a hassle when it comes to packing for your trip. Asking yourself questions like: Did I pack enough clothes? What should I bring on this trip? Are all common questions. Below I have provided 6 tips on how to pack light.

1. Pack the Right Bag

The start of packing begins with choosing the perfect bag. In gorder to pack light, you’ll want to choose the smallest bag that is most comfortable to carry. A small bag also puts a limit on the amount of items that you should take with you. This also limit the amount of items such a souvenirs that you will bring with you. Bringing back more items than you came with will overload your bag.

2. Research your destination

Knowing the climate, culture and accommodations of your destination is beneficial of what you should be packing. Asking questions such as what is the temperature? Does it get chilly at night? Are toiletries provided where I’ll be staying? These type of questions will allow you to make decisions of what should be in your traveling bag. Also, it’s a great idea to put a smaller bag inside of your travel bag. This bag should be one that is able to fold and fit into the bag. It can be used for other uses once you reach your destination.


3. Make thoughtful clothing and shoe choices

Using a small bag means that you’ll be limited with the items you bring. You’ll need to choose low maintenance items that can be layered and can apply to  multiple outfits. Solid colors are also best for layering. Choose comfortable neutral shoes that are worn in the both day and night. Also, it’s always best to wear the heavier clothing while traveling to your destination to avoid overpacking your bag.


4. Buy or rent items when you’ve reached the Destination

To avoid the hassles at the airport and bringing lots of luggage, it’s best to buy the larger items that you need when you reach your destination. You may need to to rent items depending on the resources you have and the destination.  An example of this would be large bottles or tubes that contain liquids. yYou should always check the airport regulations of travel size items. This will avoid anything from being thrown out at the airport and overpacking.


5. Revaluate the items you pack

Often I will unpack my bag because I may have put too much or unnecessary items in the bag. If the item does not serve a purpose for your trip, it should not be packed in the bag. Evaluations can happen at the end of packing. More than likely you’ll leave items behind and make another choice. This is seen as substituting items.

6. Substitute items

While reevaluating items you can also begin to substitute lighter options. A pair of jeans can be substituted for jogging pants, leggings or other sporting pants. Also, consider lighter shoe wear when substituting. Swapping items out will reduce the weight of your luggage.

We’re here to help alleviate some stress of traveling during the holidays. Holidays should be hassle free but the holidays are far from it for most and can bring up a lot of stress. These quick steps will assist in making a better packing choices when traveling.  Don’t forget to find your holiday outfits here at swap.com!


Source: escapehere.com

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