7 Ways to Live Clutter-Free

Creating a clutter-free home can sometimes be seen as a huge and overwhelming challenge. This can seem just as hard if you have children, a busy schedule or just lots of things that you don’t know where to to store them. Great news, is that it doesn’t take magic but effort. Here’s 7 ways on how you can live clutter-free in your home.

1. Live within your means

Living within your means implies that you should let the size of your home should dictate how much stuff you have. One way to identifying this is the closet. If the closet is overflowing with items, this means that you are living beyond your means or space. A way of fixing this leads to letting items go or purging. Purging items allow you to recycle, give a way or discard items that you no longer need.

2. Go Paper-less

In recent times, I have found that going paper less with bills and other important information has saved space. Old mail and information laying around the house can easily cause clutter. We can forget to open mail or simply save it because we feel that it is of some importance. This is why receiving paperless information can be beneficial in limiting the amount of paper around the home and eliminating clutter.

3. Have a place for everything

Have a place for everything and everything in its place, according to apartmenttherapy.com, this is one the best organizing advice. When there are things sitting around in no specific place, this can imply that you need a place for them to be. When papers and other items are sitting on counter tops, tables and floors, it’s a sign that these items should be in new spaces of its own. Invest in plastic drawers, use old shoe boxes or cabinets in the house where you can store these items.

4. Create a Junk Drawer

There are small things that everyone have in their household but there is necessarily no place for them to go. This is when the junk drawer can become important. Things that does not have a logical place can go into this drawer. This also save time on you trying to find a place to put each item you have. You can simply add it to the junk drawer.

5. Put items away after use them

Items can easily build all over the place by being left out and not put away. When you continue to put items away  after using them, it becomes a habit. It also save you time from cleaning it later. Seeing items put away and keeping that clutter free space will encourage you to keep it in those conditions.

6. Donate items as you buy more items

Donating items is not only a great way to recycle and help the environment, it also a way to get rid of items and stay clutter-free. As you buy more items, you’ll always need a place to store them. Donating items will allow you to remove items and replace that space with a new item. Shop swap.com.

7. Create more experiences than clutter

Shopping can honestly be therapeutic. But it can also be a way that we create clutter in our homes. We can sometimes buy more than we need. It’s best to venture out and create more experiences than clutter. This can mean spending money on a vacation or a simple night with friends and family. Life is not always about the tangible things, but more importantly about unforgettable experience. You will not have to recycle, donate or find a place for experiences. That’s a bonus with creating experiences than clutter.

Having an annual time to remove clutter from our living space, like spring cleaning, shouldn’t be the only time this happen. Living clutter-free is a lifestyle. It becomes a conscious decision to ensure you’re not creating a crowded space. There are many ideas and ways for people to live clutter-free and we’d be happy for you to continue to share your thoughts below.




Source: apartmenttherapy.com

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