7 White Elephant Gift Ideas

As you know, we are in the business of giving back to others and the environment. Tis’ the season of giving and the clock is ticking! But no worries, if you haven’t made it to the store. You can find a gift right at home (also known as) white elephant gifts. Here’s a few fun ideas…


1. Food

I know we’re talking about used items, but please make sure this item is unopened (health reasons). Canned goods and grocery recently purchased can be a great yummy gift.


2. Funny Photo

It isn’t the holiday without smiles and laughter. A funny photo (Usually a great childhood photo) are good for those white elephant gifts. It can bring great memories and save you money.


3. CDs/DVDs/VHS Tapes

There’s nothing like a classic gift! Finding those old school tapes of your favorite music and movies brings good vibes to the holiday season.


4. Gift Cards

We can all be guilty of those old gift cards laying around the house. From food to shopping gift cards, we can now have permission to give them away.


5. Kitchenware and utensils

Kitchen utensils such as a knife set or the extra crock pot that you found on sale can be given away. These items take up space if not being used. They can be very beneficial to a person that make these sorts of item useful.


6. Coffee Cup

Coffee cups are great Christmas gifts in general. These mugs could be multi-purposeful which is why is such a great gift. They can even be decorated to add some humor to it.


7. Clothes

Last but not least, clothes can be passed on as a great gift. Items such as  funny T-Shirts, jackets, coats, and sweaters are great gifts. If they love the gift enough, feel free to let them know of some great deals they can find here on swap.com (shameless plug).

Remember that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. White elephant gifts are fun, tacky and can also be exactly what someone is looking forward to. So don’t worry about running to the store, you can simply find the perfect gift at home.

Merry Thriftmas!






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