10 Ways to Keep Your Children Busy During Spring Break

Kids get so excited about school break, but as parents, things can get dicey pretty quickly if we don’t have some activities planned. Here are ten ideas to fill some time during the week with minimal hair tearing out on your end.

1. Cook it up

Get the kids to join you in the kitchen for a cooking or baking session. Kids love playing in the kitchen, and it can help you out with the meal time prep as well. Baking cookies or brownies can be also be a perfect (and tasty) afternoon activity.

2. Get Some Sun

If you live in a climate that’s not too inclement during spring break try to get the kids to play outside in the sun. Plan a backyard picnic with some board games and snacks. If you have a garden have them help you pull the weeds, or water the plants.

3. Organize a Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of things for the kids to find outdoors (leaves, specific colored stones, etc.), set them loose and see how many things they can find. Get creative with the list and this activity can last for many hours. Plan to have a little prize for whoever wins.

4. Get Dancing

If the weather is lackluster outdoors have the kids put together a playlist of 20 songs in iTunes and get it cranking for a 30 minute dance fest. Have a competition for the best or most energetic moves to get them moving even more!

5. Hit the Museum

Find a local museum and plan an afternoon adventure. Many museums offer discounted rates during the week so it can be a cost effective family adventure that’s educational as well. As a bonus, try planning a scavenger hunt inside the museum.

6. Have a Pajama Party

Invite their friends for an evening of movie watching, popcorn and pajamas. Even if the kids don’t have a sleep over, it can be a great way to kill a few hours in the evening. If it’s a clear night check out the stars or build a fort outdoors to stargaze.

7. Go on a Hike

Find a nature preserve or park with hiking trails. Print a trail map off the internet and plan out what trails you’ll hit on your adventure. Kids love planning adventures so get them involved in the planning part too.

8. Arts & Crafts

Setup an art and craft station and see what masterpieces they’ll create. Provide colored paper, colored pencils and crayons, markers, glitter, stickers, buttons, and glue. Think outside the box with the supplies and prepare to be amazed at their creativity.

9. Go Bowling

Bowling is a perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon over spring break. Invite some of their friends and some other parents to share in the fun. Make a boys and girls team to ramp up the competitive spirit a bit.

10. Create Sock Puppets and Have a Puppet Show

Build sock puppets from some old socks and craft supplies you have around the house. Encourage them to get creative with the decorations for the puppets. Have them create a story for the puppets and perform a puppet show for the family.

With computers and tablets in every aspect of our family life, sometimes the best activities require us as parents to unplug a bit so our kids will too. Step away from the computer with them and you’ll soon be wondering how spring break is already over!

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