April Inbound Hot List!

It’s that time again sellers: inbound box time!  We would love it if you fill your inbound boxes with swimwear, light jackets, t-shirts, and of course shorts, but this inbound box list is going to be really detailed.  Think of this Hot List as the trendy counterpart to our monthly Hot List.

Here we go! 

Vintage Styles: The most popular items we’ve been seeing hit the streets are those of the 80s and 90s!  It’s all about big shoulders and super boxy shapes.  Vintage has always been a favorite of ours, and now the same silhouettes are ruling the city streets, dresses being the MOST popular.  So, if you have some of these vintage and retro pieces in good condition, send them into Swap.com! They will totally get some views, and hopefully find a new home!  

Power of Pink: Pink– it’s the color of Summer 2017!  If you come across shades of pink/fuchsia/mauve or even neon pink; send it to us.  Don’t worry about what type here; it’s all about the color. Pink is even popular in our men’s department.   

Bold Stripes and Florals: These are easy ones to make some quick cash.  When you’re cleaning out your closet or finding some goodies to re-sell, don’t pass up on bold and large printed florals, or stripes.  The bigger and bolder, the better. These styles are always “in” and sell year round!

Dress for Success: It’s boring to assume that workwear is just a blazer, blouse, and dress pants.  Nowadays, our customers are pairing funky styles with everyday essentials.  So make sure to be on the lookout for some of these gems-casual capri-pants, printed tank tops, graphic tees, and printed scarves.  Office wear is about more than just suits; it’s about mixing and matching, so send in those separates.   

Basic Essentials: These items are easy fillers, and every home has some of these sought after pieces.  These items can range from basic t-shirts, tanks, and hoodies, to shorts, leggings, and jeans.  Anything that can be easily mixed and matched will be extremely valuable.  Everyone needs layering pieces.  

Festival Vibes: The change of temperature has got us thinking about festival season.  This will definitely be the time for bohemian styles,  tons of fringe, quirky graphic tees as well as fit and flare jeans. Other cool items to add to your box for festival seekers are prints and various details like paisley prints, velvets, lace, and romantic vibes.

Men’s Top Brands: Dockers, NIKE, Tommy Bahama, and Champion

Women’s Top Brands: Torrid, Lululemon Athletica, BB Dakota, and Levi’s

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