Be a successful consignment seller

6 Tips & Tricks To Be A Successful Consignment Seller

We have all reached a point when we want to clean out our closets, cabinets, and play rooms but aren’t always sure what to do with the items we no longer use.  Considering the condition of your items, you may not want to just throw them away or put them on the curb, but who really has time to have a garage sale these days? makes it simple for sellers to make money on clothes, toys, décor, sports gear and other goods, as – once you ship your gently used baby, children, women’s, and maternity items and they’re accepted for sale – we will photograph the goods, store them and ship them out to buyers. All you have to do is price your items then sit back and wait for the proceeds to appear in your PayPal account every 14 days. will even buy your accepted items if they haven’t sold after a few months, ensuring you’ll earn some cash for your closet-clearing efforts.

Here are our 6 tips & tricks to be a successful consignment seller:

  1. Take good care of your items when you still have them
    Clothes will last longer and look better when it’s time to resell them if you take good care of them from the start. Follow label instructions on how to launder items and store them in a way that helps keep them looking fresh. Examine items for stains before you put them in the dryer, where the heat is likely to set them forever.
  2. Check for all stains, tears, and signs of excessive wear
    When looking for stains, we recommend examining items in natural light, then using a flashlight to shine light on every inch of the garment, you may discover stains or spots that have otherwise been missed. Neck lines, sleeves and underarms tend to be hotspots for stains or wear. Items with tears, rips, and holes will not be accepted. To find the holes that you may not usually see, we recommend holding your item by the waist band or neck and looking down, if there’s a hole, the light will shine through.
  3. Properly bag or pin items together that are meant to be a set or an outfit
    Items that cannot be sold for $3 or more will not be accepted due to being undervalued.  Clothing items that are size 24 months or younger can fit in the undervalued category when they are on their own.  A solution to this is to pin two or more items that can be sold as a set, or if there was a great outfit that your little loved, pants with a matching top can come through together, too.  When sending items of like size and gender, we recommend either packing them in a bag or pinning them together through the tag to ensure the pin doesn’t create a hole.  Unfortunately, folding items together does not guarantee they will stay with each other in transit. Some small toys may have a counterpart that makes it complete, those items should be bagged with each other so they are processed as one item instead of separate, or even not accepted on their own.
  4. Wash, launder, or wipe down items before sending them in
    When items have been previously loved, we ask that you wash them before sending them to us.  This will help eliminate the chance of items being rejected due to odors or pet/human hair. If an item is still brand new, with the tags attached, you do not necessarily need to wash it since it will then change the condition of the item.  When sending in shoes, please be sure that you wipe the bottoms so mud or grass is not sent with them.  Toys can be wiped down, too, to make sure that dust or dirt is not still on them. Since items will be packaged and stored in our fulfillment center, they will do best when they are clean and dry upon arrival.
  5. Test items before packing them in your box
    Play those DVDs and video games one last time. Give toys one last workout to make sure they aren’t missing parts that you may find after they’ve already been shipped. To clean CDs and DVDs, use a soft, clean lint-free cloth. Hold them by their edge or loop your finger through the hole in the middle, start at the middle and wipe outward toward the edge without using a circular motion, which could cause tiny scratches. If that doesn’t work, try dampening the cloth with a gentle mix of soap and water before wiping discs down again. All DVDs and game must be sent with their original cases and artwork. After testing toys to make sure they still work, be sure to remove the batteries since they can corrode and potentially ruin the items.
  6. Research currently selling prices of items so your reselling price is appropriate
    Use the internet to investigate the current retail prices for your items. The yard sale standard calls for pricing items at 20 to 30 percent of what they’d cost new, according to the Los Angeles Daily News, so knowing the current sale price provides a great starting point when it’s time to price your goods. In addition, take the time to look up similar offerings on other online consignment sites to get ideas about the appropriate price ranges for your items. You might be able to ask for more than 30 percent of the retail price if an item is a hot seller in great condition.

Following these tips can help you successfully sell your gently used items through an online consignment platform.  Remember– clean, in-season items that are in good condition sell best, so taking a few extra steps will only help you earn more cash.





Do you have any tricks that you use when preparing your box before sending it in? We’d love to hear about it on our Facebook page.

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  1. Super helpful article for consignors! It’s great to see this kind of consignment advice being shared and distributed so widely. If most consignors followed this advice, it would make for a much more efficient consignment business.

    Keep it up!

    The ConsignCloud Team.

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