Benefits of Buying Used Baby and Kids’ Clothes

There is something almost magical about baby clothes; they’re impossibly small, precious and sweet. It is hard to resist buying a pair of soft, organic cotton pajamas or tiny little socks and shoes. We might not even look at the price tag, initially. That is until we realize that, as magical as the clothing, is our baby’s ability to outgrow every item in the blink of an eye.

While most of us will indulge our craving for new sweet baby clothes with the first baby, many of us quickly realize that pre-owned clothes make more sense as our families grow.

Although kids don’t grow as fast once they hit the 2-year-old mark, they still go through clothes much faster than adults. A 3, 4 and 5 year old will still change sizes every season or even twice a season. Fortunately kids’ clothing styles are more stable than adult’s fashions, so a Spiderman t-shirts used by your 10-year-old 6 years ago will still delight your 4 year old today. We took some time to explore the benefits of buying used baby and kids’ clothes to help you stay within budget.

Benefits of Buying Used Baby and Kids’ Clothes

Like New and New

Newborns do very little other than eat and sleep – yes, crying too, but that still doesn’t ruin their clothes – so they barely soil or wear out their clothes. Add to that that they outgrow their clothes every month or two, and you have barely used clothes to pass along to your next child, family friend or to sell at consignment stores.

When you buy baby clothes at consignment stores, you can get that same adorable outfit you were eyeing at the brick and mortar store for a fraction of the cost and almost as new.

If almost new is not an option you’d like to consider, there is also an extensive selection of brand new, never worn clothes at consignment stores. New babies receive new clothes as gifts and many of them will never be worn, for a variety of reasons. This gives the consignment buyer the opportunity to purchase new-with-tags items at significant savings, without sacrificing the desire for new items.

Staying Power

As children grow, they won’t change sizes every month, but they might change every season – and sometimes twice during the season. That will leave you again with clothing that is barely used and in nearly new condition. Sure, you will have that favorite t-shirt or dress that was worn over and over, but you will also have the dressy shirt or dress that went to church or a family event once for a couple of hours, or something your child simply refused to wear – we have all been there.

Older kids are more opinionated about what they will and will not wear, which takes us to new-with-tags clothes available for older children. Everyone with kids will have clothes in their closets that were never worn because their kids simply refused to wear them. The reasons for this can be as varied as: “I only like to wear blue/pink/red/insert color,” “I only wear long/short sleeve shirts,” “I only like sports/super heroes/princesses/dinosaurs theme shirts.” The list is long and as varied as our kids’ personalities.

So, all those new-with-tags clothes end up at consignment stores for a fraction of the price. The best part is that, when we move on from super heroes to dinosaurs, we will be able to turn it all around, sell the old and buy new items, and we will still be ahead in terms of cost.

The benefits of buying used baby and kids’ clothes at online consignment stores are many: money savings, reusing already manufactured items and great selection are just a few.

When you choose an online consignment store like you are adding the elements of convenience and ease to your shopping experience. Every item is already pre-screened for you for stains, blemishes, tears and imperfections. You can narrow your search to exactly what you want by size, style and brand, so you don’t have to go through racks and racks of clothes looking for specific items. Once you’re done shopping from the convenience of your home, all you do is wait and your clothes will appear, neatly packed in a box at your doorstep.  Shopping at is so easy, convenient and economical that you will think it’s pretty magical.


By Marta Jiménez-Lutter

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