Consignment Day 2018

Here at, we celebrate consignment everyday with the core values of who we are. The average American throws away 70 pounds of clothing and other textiles annually. This leaves 85% of textiles in our landfill. [1] What a waste! Our CEO Juha Koponen, wanted to make an impact in improving this epidemic. That meant creating the best online consignment store ever (that’s us). We want to ensure that you save your pocket books and the environment, all while looking fashionably great. With that in mind, consignment has multiple benefits. Below are 7 reasons why shopping secondhand is beneficial.

1. Save & Earn

Let’s be honest, clothing can cost a lot of money. If you want nice fabrics, it can cost you big bucks.  Secondhand items are 50 percent cheaper than retail prices. This allows you to save money on clothing. Also, consignors are able to earn money for their items. They are able to earn for a good cause.

2. Sustainability

Shopping secondhand allows clothing to be recycled. Recycled clothing has a longer lifespan. This means that those favorite pair of jeans can be worn hundreds of times by different owners. According to Trusted Clothes, when a piece of clothing is used to its full extent, it can take up to a decade before the clothes are thrown into a landfill. This helps remove waste from the landfills and lower the demand on textile manufacturers. This directly affects the environment by keeping textiles out of the landfills. We save  on the use of natural resources like water which is used to create textiles.

3. Giving Back to your Community

Secondhand stores are easily found within your community or online. Shopping at a consignment store allows the business to flourish and continue to give back into the community (and world)  for the greater good.  Clothing is recycled and sold at a cheaper price. Cheaper prices allow for families to purchase items without hassle. You are giving another person 50 percent of the original purchase price. That can go a long way. Not only are you giving back by protecting the environment, but also giving to those around you.

4. Inspires Others to Recycle Clothing

Working with has personally allowed me to realize that it’s important to recycle. Before throwing away items, I easily call a family member or friend to make use of the item. Seeing how unknowingly wasteful we can be and knowing that the environment can use some saving, I now willfully recycle. Our customers and others has recommended friends and family to join the consignment community and shop secondhand. Both donating and purchasing items, allows someone to be a part of this cause. One purchase or donation can inspire another to do the same.

5. Save on High End Brands

Brand name items such as Brooks Brothers and lululemon are top brands found in consignment. When people get rid of items, those items consist of high-end brands too.  You’re able to save 50% of the original price. That’s a deal that standard retail does not always provide. Buying high end brand items for a cheaper price is a great catch for the entire family. The song

6. Daily Inventory

The facts are here, the average American throw away 70 pounds of clothing annually. This shows that there are plenty of items available for use that can be recycled. Secondhand and consignment shops receive items daily.  You do not have to worry about items running out of stock. Donations are endless and so are your choices.

7. One of a Kind Items

Being that secondhand items are donated, they are one of a kind. Secondhand stores are known for having one of each specific item though they may carry similar ones. It also gives you a thrill as you hunt for those one of a kind items. You can find new trends to vintage items when shopping secondhand.

Consignment is more than just getting great items for a cheaper price. Your share of shopping secondhand goes a long way with saving the environment, helping the community and inspiring those around you to shop for the greater good. Continue to do your share and #SwapHowYouShop.





6 thoughts on “Consignment Day 2018

  1. I am interested in selling some suits I no longer wear. I do not know if you buy from individuals or how to sell if you do.

  2. Hi was wondering do you take clothes that arent designer brand like forever21 or victoria secret or american eagle or like any treading brands.
    Thanks for you help

  3. When will Swap be taking in more shipments? It’s been months since I was able to send anything. Trends change fast, out with the old in with the new! I have tons more I need to send in but your not taking anything? Do you all recommend anywhere else we can consign our stuff? Thank you. P.S don’t get me wrong I love swap, just disappointed I can’t send more stuff in. is awesome!

    1. Hi Kathy, We understand your concern. We are currently waiting on a few updates from our developers. When inbound shipments are opened, all customers will be contacted via email. We appreciate your patience.

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