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Halloween is a few weeks away and I know you’re all searching for the perfect costume. With this in mind, I’ve put together a few swap inspired costumes. Take a look some of the costumes that I was able to create using items!

Beyonce’s Flawless Look

This is one of Beyonce’s known looks. It’s an easy steal being that plaid is in and denim shorts are sold year round here at Don’t be afraid to add your own touch. As I’ve added a heel ankle boot rather than flat ones. This can give it an even more edgy look.

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Happy Nurse (Smile Not Included)

This costume is  simple and an easy find. This is best if you wish to go for a career simple look.  Feel free to use any color scrubs when creating this look. You can create more personality. It is complete costume from head to toe.

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High School Jock

The high school jock is classic. This costume can be interchangeable with the choice of joggers or jeans. Also, feel free to wear any color jacket of your choice.

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Baby Minion

The baby minion costume is adorable. This costume is great for both children and adults. It is fun and a cool look. The glasses can be a lot of fun if you wish to wear different type of lenses. I would even recommend goggles.

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Flight Attendant

The flight attendant is a sassy yet sophisticated costume. These set can be found in black, navy blue and grey here on

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Serena Williams (costume for 12 month old)

This is another adorable costume. This too can be used interchangeable with colors. This outfit can also be done in an adult costume.

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Don’t be afraid to step out of the box for this years costume. There are celebrity options, career options, cartoon characters and many more that can be found here at Type in any relevant keyword in the search box to locate the items for your creative costume. We have thousands of items which gives you endless ideas. Have fun and Happy Halloween!

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