Debunking Familiar Fashion Myths!

With so many fashion rules to remember–like You can’t wear white after Labor Day–putting the perfect outfit together can sometimes become a daunting process. The good news is most of these fashion rules can be taken with a grain of salt. Fashion is fun and shouldn’t be so rigid as to not make room for your own personal style. Don’t believe all the hype, instead, checkout how you can break the fashion rules while looking chic and on trend!


Rule #1: You Can’t Wear Black With Navy

Black and navy are two colors that represent sophistication and classic taste–they sure can make an outfit fierce! When worn together, these two colors can take your outfit to the next level. Most would say you cannot wear black and navy together because they clash. However, mixing the two together makes an outfit more interesting than a monochromatic ensemble. Black and navy compliment one another especially when your outfit consists of contrasting fabrics and material such as velvet, silk and leather.


Rule #2: Sequins Are Only To Be Worn At Night

New Years Eve, girl’s night and birthday dinner are all popular occasions to wear sequins AT NIGHT! However, don’t pack those sequins away until your next special event just yet. While sequins have been looked at as an accent that can elevate an outfit, you can also wear them with a casual look during the day. In fact, daytime sequins are one of the newest trends for spring, and I would pair a sparkly top (fully covered in sequins or featuring a sequin graphic) with distressed denim and loafers. Another way to sport these flashy accents is by throwing a sequin top (like the one shown above) over a slip dress and finishing off your daytime outfit with flats for a trendy but fresh daytime look.


Rule #3: No Mixing Prints.

Mixing prints can seem tricky at first; however, this is one of the easiest fashion rules to break. As long as it doesn’t look like you are trying to match the prints to one another, your outfit is sure to impress. The more distinct the prints are, the cooler and trendier the outfit. The next time you go to your favorite check blazer, try wearing it with a striped shirt and jeans. Does your favorite cardigan have a criss cross pattern? Try dressing it up with a blouse with a flowery print for a feminine, preppy look. Since prints can be loud when it comes to pants and skirts, try a darker pattern like the skirt pictured above that is subtle and looks great with stripes, check, gingham and more.


Rule #4: Gold and Silver Clash

Accessories are the finishing touches to any outfit. Yet, we often believe we must choose between gold and silver, especially when it comes to jewelry, belts or shoes. Not everything has to be so matchy, matchy…And no your handbag doesn’t have to match your shoes. The truth is gold and silver complement each other, and just like black and navy, they stand out when they are layered together. Try wearing a mix of gold and silver bangles with a silver belt buckle for a dressier look. Or, wear a metallic silver handbag over your shoulder with gold shoes and a black dress for a more classic look! I absolutely love the layered necklace look with gold and silver accents. How would you wear these two elements together?


Rule #5: Don’t Be Caught Dead Wearing Socks With Sandals!!

Stay with me folks. Contrary to common belief (Shuddering from visions of dad in black socks and sandals), the socks and sandals look is one of the hottest trends this season. Although I wouldn’t recommend wearing Hanes socks with your Havaiana sandals, there is a right way to pull off this look. Please note this trend doesn’t work as well with thicker socks. The best way to rock this one is wearing a thinner neutral color sock (black, brown, gray, white, tan, etc…) with a sandal or open toed shoe. Some of the best examples I have seen are a metallic, navy sock worn with a green, strappy high heel sandal. Another example is a cable knit grey sock worn with a brown flat sandal with thick black leather strap detail across the front of the shoe. Don’t knock it before you try it!


We would love to debunk your favorite fashion myths! Not sure if you can wear white after Labor Day or if your accessories need to match? Reach out to me on Twitter using the hashtag #SwapStylistPicks for all of your style needs!


Lauren is the Stylist & Fashion Marketer at Her favorite brands are Levi's, J.Crew and Theory. Lauren's style can best be described as "downtown, cool and always comfortable".

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