Fall Fashion on a Budget

Shopping all the great looks may seem challenging if you’re on a budget. You want to look fashionable without spending loads of money, right? We at Swap like to call it: fashion on a budget! It’s important to note that money does not buy fashion. Fashion is about style and creativity. It’s all about how you create your style with what you have and are able to spend. I’ve listed 8 quick tips on how you can shop fall fashion on a budget.

1. Shop Simple and Clean Designs

Items that are detailed, like prints and fancy closures on clothing, can be a bit more expensive. Trendier designs and prints can go out of style faster. It’s important to know that simple and clean designs are not only cheaper but can also create more variety within your wardrobe.

2. Choose Solid Colors Over Prints

One interesting fact is that solid colored clothing is made with better quality than prints though they are cheaper. This is due to prints being more expensive to create, therefore, the material used to make it is not always the best quality (industry insider). Solid colors also allow for an elegant, sleek and chic look. You can check out the latest fall color trends that I provided for solid color ideas.

3. Go for Pieces That You Can Layer & Combine

We tend to buy for occasions and events but not for longevity or variation. You can purchase a dress (check ours out here!) that allows you to layer and combine with other items in your wardrobe. Remember that items such as a dress, is not limited to warm seasons but can also be worn throughout all the seasons. A solid color dress can easily be layered with a jacket and scarf for the fall season. Buying items that allow more room for layers and combinations, allows you to have a full wardrobe with 30 items.

4. A Looser Fit, is Better Than a Skin Tight Fit

Remember that we are talking about fashion on a budget. Therefore the way the clothing fits is important too. Loose clothing gives a more elegant look. Elegant looks are very chic. Looser items also give you a more comfortable fit. Oversized sweaters, jackets and hoodies are great for the fall season and comfy. Looser items can also give you a sense of confidence and freedom that skin tight clothing can’t.

5. Spend More on Basics

I know you’re thinking, why would I spend more when I’m looking to save? This simply means you should invest more in the core items of your fall wardrobe. Basic or core items last longer because you don’t have to replace them often. That is one of the best investments for your wardrobe. If you don’t have to replace clothes often, it lowers the cost of consistently buying those fall essentials.

6. Stick to your Style and Color Palette

Sticking to your style and color palette does not mean you cannot shop for new looks. This means that majority of the new items you purchase, should compliment your current wardrobe. Therefore, you’ve added to what you already have and you’ll have more to work with. This is expanding your wardrobe. Purchasing items that are not within your color palette can cause you to go out and buy more to add to that item. Remember that the goal is to stay within a budget and save.

7. Make the Textures Vary, Not Just the Color

You’re able to purchase variations in textures of your favorite color palette. Textures allow for different looks within your style. So you’re expanding your wardrobe while sticking with your color palette. You can explore new textures and add to items you already have in your closet.

8. Make sure Your Existing Wardrobe looks good

Something that is probably overlooked or not talked about much in fashion, is keeping up your clothing. Well kept clothing last longer, allowing you not to spend money on purchasing clothes often. Quick tips like hang your clothes up after you take them out the dryer and steam your clothing, allows the clothing to look nice and be well kept. This also makes your clothing look nice and of high quality. Those basic fall items should be cleaned and stored properly for longevity.

Expanding your wardrobe while on a budget isn’t as hard as it seems. Working with what you already have and creating more, allows for your style to come to life. With these tips, you’ll be able to shop like a pro for that new fall wardrobe and any season going forward. To shop some of your favorite fall looks at great prices, visit us at swap.com.




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