New features to improve your user experience

  • You can now donate your items to after they have been for sale for 45 days. If you choose to donate items, they will be moved to the donation account and sold. The sales proceeds, after deducting the Selling Fee, will be donated to a charity. Read more here.
  • The shopping cart is now saved in your user account. This means that when you log in from another computer, you will see the same items in the cart. If you have added some items to the cart before you log in, the carts will be merged.
  • We have moved the site from to  You do not have to worry about this change, since all the old links with are still working, but you will be redirected to the new URL.
  • The top header of the page is now fixed. This means that when you scroll down the page, the search box, shopping cart and My account button will remain on the top of the page. There is also a new “back to top” button to take you back to the top of the page.

We are continuously adding features and improving the usability of the service. We hope you like the improvements.

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Send items and be sure they sell – SureSell Guarantee!

The SureSell Guarantee makes sure your item sells!

Try the Valet Service – We guarantee your items will be traded!

Our new SureSell Guarantee is now live! It is a unique feature: we guarantee your items will sell. We can buy those items that have been listed on the Valet Service for 45 days or more. Depending on the category and condition of the items, you can be offered up to 30% of the average retail price. You can even pick and choose which items you’d like to sell to us.

Haven’t sent in items yet?

Now is the time to send items in and try our service! You can send us kids’ items, but now also DVD’s and video games for grown-ups. There is no risk and lots of benefits.

Send your items in and consider them sold!

What can you do if your items don’t sell in the Valet Service?

  1. Sell them to us through the SureSell Guarantee
  2. Keep your items listed and continue offering them for sale or swap The first 60 days of storage are free, and after that extended storage fees apply. It is not expensive.
  3. Lower the price of your items People love a bargain. Good deals fly off our shelves.
  4. Have them shipped back to yourself. Shipping fees apply.

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