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Hey, Swap community. Happy Friday. My favorite thing about thrifting is the excitement of discovering that PERFECT item, so I’m going to show you 5 particularly thrifty finds today that I’m going to be wearing this fall.

1. Jack Wills Button-Down

I love Jack Wills. I was probably British in a past life, or maybe later in this life. Their clothes are high-quality, well-made, and fit a lot better for me than similar brands. It’s really hard to find shirts that are both slim and comfortable, so I was excited to see this shirt on It’s $4.40, which is insane. This shirt originally cost around $80. I’ll use my savings to start a retirement fund.

See it here.

Estimated retail: $79.95

Swap: $4.40

2. I currently live in Chicago. Every place I’ve ever lived has prided itself on unpredictable weather, but I assure you that Chicago takes the cake. We’re tanning one day and freezing the next. This North Face is a great layer to take on the Chicago fall chill. It’ll keep me warm on my walk to the train, but I can always shed the extra layer if the train is overly packed and scorching hot (spoiler alert: it will be).

See it here.

Estimated retail: $90

Swap: $21

3. What can I say? I’m a trailblazer. Jeggings are brilliant, and these are the closest thing men have to jeggings. They’re stretchy, comfortable, and light. When running around the city, it’s important to have pants that allow you to move.

See it here.

Estimated retail: $99

Swap: $15

4. Oscar Wilde said, “A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.” It also will balance out the more casual jeans nicely.

See it here.

Estimated retail: $89.50

Swap: $5

5. Last, but not least: something for the feet. I always gravitate towards black or brown shoes, so I am excited to add something blue to the collection. These will complement the blue shirt well.

See it here.

Estimated retail: $59.99

Swap: $19

There you have it, folks. Those are the 5 items that I’m wearing this fall. The estimated total retail price of this outfit is $418.44, and I’m getting it on Swap for $64.40. That’s a way more budget-friendly fall outfit for anyone, especially a 23-year old with rent due next week.


Comment below to tell me about your favorite thrifting discoveries. Swap on!

Conor Janda

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