Introducing #GreenFriday: How to Purchase with More Purpose

I don’t believe in wasting things. When my co-founder and I started four years ago, we wanted to help people find the best quality and widest selection of pre-owned goods anywhere, and keep perfectly good items out of landfills. In the United States alone, 85% of discarded clothing ends up in landfills every year—more than 12 million tons!—with the average person throwing away 70 pounds of textiles, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). That’s a lot of wasted stuff. On top of that, the apparel industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions and remains the second largest industrial polluter, second only to oil.

With one of the busiest shopping days of the year coming up, our team is raising awareness of the importance of reducing waste by inviting you to sit out Black Friday and join the #GreenFriday event on November 25, 2016.

To participate, simply go to our GreenFriday Facebook Event to and click on “Going.” This simple act will represent your individual pledge to reduce, reuse, and recycle on Black Friday. For every person who signs up, will donate one article of high-quality clothing to Cradle to Crayons, an organization that provides children in poverty with the essentials they need, up to $100,000 worth. #GreenFriday pledges will be accepted now through midnight (Central) on November 25, 2016, so sign up today!

Believe it or not, your shopping choices have an enormous impact on the world we all share. With your help, we can promote the virtues of reuse and recycling. Please join the #GreenFriday event, share it with your friends, coworkers and neighbors, and together let’s make Black Friday GREEN.

Juha Koponen

Juha Koponen is the CEO and Co-Founder of Since going live in 2012, has sold millions of pre-owned items. If all those would have been produced and bought new, they would have generated 61,000 tons of greenhouse emissions (CO2).

10 thoughts on “Introducing #GreenFriday: How to Purchase with More Purpose

  1. I think your company is wonderful! thank you soo much for thinking of we who cannot afford the items we would love to wear. now i can wear Vera Wang etc. without giving my ss check. LOL! you have filled my closet, allowed me to give gifts and clothe a couple of babies. i sing your praises so often! not ashamed of “hand-me-downs” when they are almost like new. i trust your company.
    I am over 65 and have been able to change my style and have fun with it. you have allowed that with your incredible prices not to mention the great shipping. i wish i could order more, but my ss check must be spread out.
    Again, thank you and thank you for the donations on Green Friday. a very happy customer

    1. We are so thrilled to hear this, Marlane! How wonderful that you can give new life to pre-owned clothing. We hope you continue to shop with us in the future!

  2. First I want to say oh my God and I mean that.. I’ve been praying of how I can find money to buy clothes and food… I have these old pair of jeans I got from the thrift store which is where most of my clothes come from 🙂 been doing this all my life due to being a child we didn’t have clothes truly no clothes I stole a pair of jeans off the neighbors clothing line just to have a pair of pants.. Please forgive me to that person but I was only in 6th grade and the most teased.. So I want a big this together and it true from the heart deeply thank you God for you and others that have created this site, and support in any which way to this site. I wish you had a app on Google apps.. If I had not looked at the tag on these pants that I cannot wear anymore but like very much… so I decided to Google the tag name and I found this website with a pair for children 🙂 my praying has paid off! I have copied you and put you on my front page of my cell phone.. For this is my connection to the outside world.. I am 51 and disabled I was a nurse all my life until I broke my back and ended up with the rear syndrome called reflex sympathetic dystrophy.. I’m in pain all the time and it starts to deteriorate the body so sings this is to only give you the idea of how hard it is to financially help myself but most of all my family… It’s the Christmas time and every year I become very depressed.. Because their birthdays start 2 days before Thanksgiving and 2 in December do. Talk about stress.. I see so many struggle and buying gifts is not the reason of the season this is an everyday every month you really problem.. I would also like to see the percentile of electronics wires cell phones or laptops computers that are also thrown in dump sites how much you missions does that promote? My boyfriend worked at Waste Management in Monterey County but quit year ago in December.. The things he came home with plus so many items he would talk about Mama made me sick. Brand name purses shoes towels sheets bedspreads makeup brand new boxes of diapers food never opened.. I can keep going and going building materials furniture it’s ridiculous.. I do not like to throw anything away.. I’m hoping in the future they’ll be more than just clothing on this site.. Such as books comma really would love to see refurbished laptops and tablets.. Everybody seems to need one this is our future.. Sadly but it is true. I could never afford to buy one even used.. I have been looking for 7 months now and no luck.. Shopping is somebody stoled my brand new HP laptop that I got for my birthday.. Butt no tears everything happens for a reason maybe they needed it more than I 🙂 anyways thank you again and I feel fortunate to have found this site maybe a little bit more of a Christmas this year? God bless and all involved PS. If there’s ways that I can help please text me and let me know or post it on this site because I come along all kinds of clothing and bedding plus books I believe all children need books.. Maybe an idea for me.. But no clue how to start a site:-

    1. Thank you so very much for such a nice message. We are so happy that you have found Swap and that you’ve been able to buy quality items for yourself. We hope you have a wonderful Holiday season.

  3. Love the site the concept and the bargains, been a mad Swap shopper for awhile now and I am always impressed. One thing that I do is return my swaps in packaging I receive my orders in. I save all my swap boxes, (have loads and loads of them) and when I send items in I use those same boxes. Would actually consider sending you your boxes back to re-use if you wanted them, just a thought really, I purchase so much from you guys 2 or 3 orders a week and I am always very happy to see those packages show up! Great job!

    1. Laurie, this is awesome! Great minds must think alike because our team is all about re-using items to help prevent waste. Would you mind emailing me directly at I’d love to talk to you in more detail about your boxes.

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