Halloween 2017 Costume Inspiration

If you haven’t thought about it yet, you should: Halloween is a month away, and it’s time to put a costume together! While we don’t carry pre-made costumes, our collection of over two million unique items is sure to have the perfect piece to build on or complete a costume. Whether you’re attending a monster mash yourself, or trying to help out a little ghoul, check out some of these clothing categories for some creative costume inspiration:


Body Suits

Body suits are the perfect foundation for just about any women’s costume, and we have over 2,000 unique designs to spark your Halloween fun. Whether you need a simple, affordable black leotard or a bright neon yellow bodysuit to stick out, we’ve got you covered. Heck, you might even find one that can be a costume as is!

Body suit costume ideas: Cat/Leopard/Cheetah, 80s Fitness/Dance Instructor, Mermaid, Roller Derby Gal

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Leather Jackets

While our collection of men’s and women’s leather jackets isn’t quite as extensive as our bodysuits, the chance to score a leather jacket for an affordable price is one you can’t pass up! Pro tip: sometimes leather vests end up in this category as well. Locking down a solid leather jacket or vest can open up a huge amount of Halloween options.

Leather Jacket costume ideas: Greaser, Sons Of Anarchy Biker, Ghost Rider, James Dean/Bad Boy, The Fonz


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Faux Fur/Game of Thrones Apparel

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, this one’s for you. There’s no better spot to grab a fur or faux-fur jacket or vest without spending a royal fortune. Need a jumpstart? We found a few items and broken them down by character to make it easier. Grab these fast, there’s only one of each and they will go quickly!


Faux Fur/Game of Thrones costume inspiration:

Jon Snow Pieces: Jon Snow Vest #1 Jon Snow Vest #2  Jon Snow Cloak

Daenerys Targaryen – Dress with Toy Dragons and Belt


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We know you’re most likely NOT attending a Halloween pool party. Still, don’t underestimate the usefulness of swimwear as a costume accessory. We sell swimwear sets, as well as individual bottoms and tops. We carry hundreds of these for under $5, so you won’t feel bad altering it with glue/decorations, only if you wear it just once!

Swimwear costume inspiration: Mermaid, A ‘Shark Attack’, Lifeguard, Surfer, Moana


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Of course, you’re always free to peruse the site and discover for yourself. The most unique items won’t be on Swap.com for long, so creep on over right now and get creative! Shop now >

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