Slash Halloween Budgets by Buying Secondhand

More than 171 million Americans plan to celebrate Halloween this year with total spending expected to reach $8.4 billion, according to the National Retail Federation.

With Halloween spending expected to reach an all-time high, is here to help savvy shoppers slash their holiday spending by offering an alternative to buying brand new items to either complete a costume or create a one-of-a-kind look.

Spooked at the thought of putting together your costume? Don’t worry. The team at has you covered with tips and costume ideas for the whole family–so your Halloween dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

Channel Your Creativity
Consider your timeline when brainstorming costume ideas to help narrow down your list to options you can realistically create before the 31st.

Pair What You Have with What You Need
Head to your closet to assess if there is anything you own that can be used as part of your costume. Have pair of cowboy boots or a straw hat? Pair those with a plaid shirt, basic jeans and you’re a cowgirl or cowboy!

Still haunted by indecision? Check out these four fun and easy looks that can be found at for your Halloween fashion fixes. We’ve also included a price breakdown for shoppers only looking for accents to complete their looks.


1. DIY Costume: Cowgirl and Cowboy

This look is so easy to put together, you won’t even need to leave your house to create it! If you don’t have basic items like bootcut jeans or a plaid shirt, has you covered at prices that won’t send you screaming into the night.

Simply, pair a plaid shirt, basic jeans, boots and a straw hat and you’re all set! A variety of costumes and basic sepates for children can be found on to complete looks for the whole family.

  • Hat: $12
  • Button-up: $10
  • Jeans: $20
  • Boots: $75
  • Cowboy costume: $9


2. Swap DIY Costume: Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion

Need a quick Wizard-of-Oz look but don’t want to fly over the rainbow to get it? Good news, has that covered too! Put a twist on the iconic baby blue, gingham dress by borrowing key elements from Dorothy’s look to make it your own. Pair a blue denim shirt with your favorite jeans and–of course–the signature ruby red slippers…or heels…and no one will question who you are.

Also, don’t forget about your adorable Cowardly Lion counterpart. has a wide variety of furry costumes for your little lions.

  • Button-up shirt: $11
  • Jeans: $11
  • Red heels: $20
  • Lion costume: $10


3. Swap DIY Costume: Devilish Diva

Feeling a little naughty this time of year? Then, you’re heading down the right road to creating your own she-devil look. Don’t be frightened. This red, hot standout requires little effort to recreate. Have a red top hanging out in your closet? Simply, spice it up with shimmery pants, and/or a pair of funky heels to turn heads this Halloween.

  • Blouse: $9.00
  • Jeans: $15.00
  • Heels: $20.00
  • Horns: $5.00


4. Swap DIY Costume: Baby Baller and Referee

Don’t fear gents! We haven’t forgotten about you and the little tike for this candy-filled event. This father-and-son costume is perfect for any sports fan–big or small! Dress your little one for comfort by picking out a jersey from your favorite team and pairing it with casual pants, shorts or jeans. Elevate your team spirit to the next level by painting your faces with your team colors. Dad can easily complement his baby baller with a black and white striped tee teamed up with black pants or shorts and some active shoes. Add a whistle and you’ll be calling all the shots this Halloween!

  • Boy’s t-shirt: $5
  • Jersey: $8
  • Pants: $14
  • Shoes: $30
  • Men’s shirt: $6
  • Dress pants: $8
  • Nike cleats: $16

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