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When it comes to selling items on, we have some customers who consistently send in excellent inbound boxes, sell over 75% of their boxes, and get really great pay outs for their gently used items! You may have seen these people featured on previous blogs– they are our Stellar Sellers! Since your success is our success, we wanted to help outline how you can get the most out of and our services.

If it were up to us, we would process every single item that was shipped to us and put them on your accounts, we love when your items sell! Unfortunately, though, we can’t accept every item since we have to protect the next consumer.  As you’ve most likely read in our acceptance criteria and on our support pages, we can only accept items that are still in great shape. This means that the clothes that are sent in cannot have any holes, rips, or tears, or have any missing buttons or embellishments.  Also, items cannot have any pet or human hair on them and they must be odor free.  All of this seems pretty simple, right?

So, what else can you do to get the most out of

Tips for Selling:

It all begins with how you treat your clothes while they are still yours. If you first take good care of your items, they will last much longer than they otherwise would.  When clothing is in good shape, it can make it through the long haul and look great for years to come.  We understand that with little ones, it’s tough to keep things as neat as they originally were and this is why we have condition ratings on our items.  We can accept items that have a little sign of wear, but they will be marked as Fair Condition.  

When it comes to small items and items of a smaller size, we have a minimum value of $3. If the item is worth less than $3, it will not be accepted due to being of low value.  A great way to avoid the rejection of your lower valued items is to put them together in sets.  Items that are of the same gender, in similar sizes, and can be paired as an outfit or a set should be sent in as such.  You can pin the items together using a safety pin through the item tag (this will prevent any holes in the item itself) or you can put them together in a bag.  When our merchandising team evaluates your inbound box, they will keep these items together and they will be processed as one item to your account.  

In addition to clothing going together, some small toys belong with each other, too. If you have a set of dolls, figurines, or anything really that should be one item, be sure to put them in a bag so one piece doesn’t get rejected individually.  

When you’re packing your items together, we suggest neatly folding your items instead of just throwing them into your box.  This will help keep the clothes in a nice condition as they make their trip. Also, when things are folded nicely, you can actually fit more in your box!  We don’t reject items for being wrinkled, but we also don’t iron them here.  A photo of a shirt that is full of wrinkles may be passed up quicker by the potential next owner.

One other trick that we have seen our customers doing is placing their items into a large bag or two before going into the box.  This can help preserve your clothing as they make it through shipping.  Unfortunately, bad weather or rain can subject your box to some damage, by putting them in a bag first, you can help preserve the integrity of your items!

Get the the most out of

Tips for Shopping:

As a general rule of thumb, before I start shopping online and even in stores, I filter for the size I need first. There’s no point in falling in love with an item that wouldn’t fit anyway.  By doing this, you are already setting yourself up for success!  In general, I have an idea of what things should cost. Whether items items for me or for children, I know about what they would cost with a full retail price so I can see if I’m getting a deal.

Since items are priced by the seller who sent them in, does not have control over the pricing.  Hopefully, the owner knows their items best and prices them fairly to indicate the condition of the items. The discount on items could be as high as 90% off the retail price.

Items are added to the site in the order that they are priced.  Items that have been on the site longer can be found toward the bottom of the page.  When items haven’t sold, some sellers will go in and mark their items down by a dollar or two in an effort for them to be sold.  If you’re looking for the best prices, we suggest that you take some time to scroll to the bottom of the selection to take a look at all of the items, you may just find a gem!

Get the most out of

Help from Support:

Do you know about our excellent support team? Our support team is here to help all of our customers.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a seller or a shopper, our support team can answer any question that you send their way.

Often times, sellers contact our support team about their items. There may be a detail that is off on the description of an item and they can fix that right away.  Support can also help with tracking your inbound shipment.  

Shoppers can contact support to asked questions about a particular item or to check on shipping.  Order confirmation messages will be sent to the email address that is associated with your Swap account, but sometimes they can be missed. Our support team can send you an updated tracking link so you can watch your package’s journey to your house.

There isn’t a question that our support team cannot answer.  If you ever need help with anything along the way, please reach out to support via and a member of our team will be more than happy to help.

Get the most out of

Are there any tips that we missed that have helped you get the most out of Please feel free to share those with us in the comments below.

17 thoughts on “How to Get the Most Out of

      1. Hi Dave,

        A main difference between and eBay is that we take care of the work for you! When you send your items in to be sold, we process, photograph, store, then ship each item once it has been sold. Should an item not work out for the next customer, we handle the return and your sales are not effected at all. Please let us know if you have any other questions.


        1. But another main difference is that on eBay, accuracy is key and your items don’t get damaged. Posting inaccuracy has increased on Swap and items of the value threshold are sometimes rejected, sent in again, and accepted. Swap needs to fix their fluid and unpredictable acceptance process

      2. Fees are much lower on EBay but you have more work. Your time is probably worth the extra money, especially if you sell in volume

  1. I can’t find the inbound updates on the ‘body of the paragraph as I had been instructed. Please help me find it as I won’t send in the hundreds of new items I have until I can keep approx. time in mind based on where Swap is. I have a couple hundred brand new items I bought when I used to sell on Ebay. I wish to get them to you but still need to have some comfort in approx. processing times regardless of how long it takes. Thank you

  2. This was helpful, but I’m not happy with how much your website is taking for yourselves. For a $3 item I only get .75? Seriously? I could have sold it myself and gotten more for it. Not happy at all with this website.

    1. It’s a business. A company has to make a profit or it shuts down. A for profit venture has to be able to pay itself, employees, cost of processing items…and all that is entailed in running a company. Selling a 3 dollar item On your own is not that easy. With using services, you are exposing your items to so many potential customers. You stand more chance to sell on the site than on your own. I have personally tried to sell baby shoes on my own for months for low prices but no one bought. It wasn’t 2 days I posted them on eBay and they were sold. Sure I had to pay eBay a fee but without using such platform I would still have the baby shoes in my closet. I’m trying out swap now to sell the maternity clothes I can’t get rid of in my own.

    2. Plainly said. Price your stuff to the feesbin the meantime but consider other markets and products. Amazon takes around a quarter of the price and tells you upfront what your payout will be. EBay is a ten percent cut, considering a three percent fee for PayPal. But with the last two, you have to do your own fulfillment. FBA isn’t cheap and if your product is a slow moving one, you may make no money and perhaps pay fees. If this is going to be a profit for you, consider all options. Is hiring a college student to post and fulfill your eBay items orders viable? Or is it more profitable to let Swap assess their fees. You’re going to have to do a solid business analysis to find tour best profits. You may do better here or on a number of markets. Get the Amazon Seller app. You can scan an items UPC and or the actual item to sample its profit margin. Unfortunately, Swaps acceptance process isn’t transparent and I have no idea how they value items. It seems random. When in doubt, app it out. Look at liquidation sites and always buy new if you’re looking for a profit. When someone sees a $60 designer shirt for $15, you for for five bucks, both parties win.

    1. Hello Joey – Thanks for reaching out. We have taken out all the work and made it extremely simple. Visit this link, it will provide all the information you need to know how to sell on our site.

  3. Hello, I would like to buy items on swap but don’t see measurements, bust & length vary so much within a size.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Kathy,

      You have a very good point! I will most certainly suggest this to our management team in our next meeting! Thank you for your input.


  4. Have you guys considered using large market valuation to consider items. Your acceptance process seems very sporadic and frankly loose. I have had one item accepted and then either a similar item rejected or mismatched with something that makes no sense. I sacn the items barcode with my Amazon app and see that itvgies for at least five dollars. My biggest peeve is when sets I make ae
    broken up to make sets that make no saleable sense. I do love, but less now because I send in new items with tags or in a box that are listed as fair condition or maybe better, sporadic rejection, greedy fees, etc. This is definitely a place I will have to make the most out of while I can but it’s clear the business model is a future failure if things don’t improve. Please. Fix your selection process because this blog makes the facts you claim actually apply. Also, it doesn’t seem the company is publicly trade which gives no voting rights to outsiders. You have so much potential and you don’t seem to really own it

  5. You guys can grow so much but you need to adjust your business model. I hope you get gradually larger as you can, but also favor long term sellers. Your fees are concerning as you once grandfathered older seller with older fees. Its not so much the change but how rapidly the changes happen. I am concerned as a seller that this company wants to grow but since its inception does not seem to be publicly traded and allowing fresh ideas. I’m not new to business. This business option has a lot to offer. Please develop that potential

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