Inside Look: Introducing the Hot List!!

Sellers!  We have less than two weeks until September 1st; and it has been a super-crazy busy Summer for us at  We have improved our processes, made some new ones; and kicked some to the curb, but all in all we made things faster, better; and way more efficient.

 We are ready for you to send us those boxes!!  We have been really looking into what is selling best and fastest, and here are some items to put into your September 1st box!  


  • Women’s Dresses– Fall Dresses are the biggest and best seller on  We are looking for trendy dresses, that are in great shape.  Think sweater dresses, midi-dresses, mod dresses; these are hot ticketed items for a killer Fall Fashion show!  
  • Boys  Hoodies–  Boys love these, and Moms love the prices, for these everyday items.  One fun fact- Bugs are in!  Creepy-crawly featured hoodies are all the rage, make sure to send in your hoodies and pullovers to keep the kids warm in the Fall.
  • Girls Tunics & Leggings–  Layering is what will win this Fall and Winter, so let’s stock up now with Chambray tunics, light cotton fabrics, and even wool tunics for the everyday girl wardrobe.  Don’t forget to pair it with leggings, or pair some fun leggings  together for her to mix and match at home.  Leggings are everything!  Let’s fill your boxes with these chic layering pieces.
  • Boys and Girls PJ’s–  We can’t keep enough of these on the site!  Everyone wants some brand new PJ’s and you can do just that.  Send in you PJ’s to keep everyone warm and cozy.  Especially in Sizes 2t-5t, and 6-12.  
  • Men’s Activewear–  Guys and Gals alike are obsessed with anything active.  This includes types, colors, styles and anything that is gym-tastic!  Fill your box with UnderArmour, Nike, Lululemon, Champion, and all their friends.  Shorts, tanks, hoodies, are the best selling items but if it’s activewear; it will sell out.  Pack your boxes to the brim!


When your pack your box remember to pack it nice and tight.  Make every inch of you box/bag count.  The items that we have listed aren’t the only things we accept, but they are selling awesomely-fast right now.  

You can also view our acceptance criteria here: kid’s, women, men.  We will continue to send you the best selling types, brands, and styles at, so be on the lookout!        


One thought on “Inside Look: Introducing the Hot List!!

  1. I just wanted to say that is the BEST in PRICE and QUALITY for on-line shopping! I am low-income and have found some of the prettiest clothes especially for a women’s plus (3X)! I absolutely LOVE and will be a customer as long as you’re there! Thanks for your low prices and it allowing me to be well dressed. I could just go on and on about you…….but I’ll wrap and just say you all are the “BOMB!” A customer for life! 🙂

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