Inside Look: Rejects Reviewed!

Hello Sellers!!

It’s that time again, Inside Look Time!!  We have had a ton of inquiries and suggestions about what’s going on with rejects, oversized boxes and various changes in our systems.  Well, I’m here to shed some light on the changes, and hopefully give you some clarification/guidance on what to send to Swap!  


We understand that processing used clothing will result in some portion of rejected items, and that’s ok.  A high portion of the boxes sent to contain a high percentage of items that we are forced to reject due to their quality issues. In most cases, high item reject rates can be avoided simply by following our Acceptance Criteria.  If you have exceeded our limit for rejected items (20%), you may be sent a notification to help you to improve your next shipment to, a guidance (warning) letter for improvement, or a notice of suspension.  We don’t want to suspend anyone, but with a high level of rejected items, more than 25%- costs our seller partners money and places additional delays on processing times.

How do I figure out reject rates?

Rejects are very easy to calculate. We take the number of rejected items (those that don’t meet our acceptance criteria) and divide that by the total number of items in your box.  For example, if your box has 20 rejected items out of a total count of 100, the reject percentage is 20%.

You can find information about your boxes and reject rates on the My Boxes page inside of your account.  If you have been sent a notice, warning, or suspension; and have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team.

Please review our rejection rate FAQ’s for further clarification.

Listed below are some of the most common reject reasons at!  

Stained Items:   This type of imperfection is the biggest deterrent to items being accepted.  We find that lighting at home isn’t the best at finding slight stains.  We suggest that you find a spot with direct sunlight- this will be best.  Check around the collar, on the chest- and don’t forget the cuffs.  Have someone else review your items, two sets of eyes are better than one! 

stainodorOdor:  This type of rejection in our opinion is the easiest to minimize.  When you pack your items to, make sure to do the Sniff test.  Smell your items to make sure they are free of smoke odors, packing smell, pet odor, or excessive fabric softener.

Missing Parts:  This type of imperfection can be simply missing a button.  We want all our items to have the parts it needs to be flawless.  This means zippers are present, all ties are in working order, buttons continue to button, etc.  

tornshortsmissingbuttonTears/Holes:  No one wants an item with a hole in it!  These are the easiest imperfections to find.  A quick tip for finding these gems, is to take the item; and run your hand through the entire surface area of the item. You’ll feel the tear!


 Worn Items: Worn, can mean a plethora of imperfections.  When an item is worn excessively and has excess pilling-it is considered worn. How can we tell?  Most times, worn items loose tension in their shape, the item becomes oversized, shrunk, or even distorted at times.

unsupportedUnsupported Items:  Our Acceptance Criteria is full of information, and it will be the guidelines in packing your box to send our way!  If you have any questions about our criteria; or maybe something we haven’t specified on, please send us a note.  We would rather have you save space in your box for clearly listed items!  Rule of thumb:  If you don’t know about its acceptance; don’t send it. 



At Swap; we thoroughly merchandise seller’s items, and we have come to realize that we reject a ton of items!  We want to accept as many items as possible, but this can only be done with the help of our sellers.  Sellers can help in limiting the number of rejected items with understanding how to spot them.  Hopefully this list of the most commonly found rejects will help in packing your next box!  


This is super simple!  Our biggest box accepted at is 20”x 20”x 17”.  This is the largest box that we can physically accept.  If you choose to send a box larger than this, we will not accept it, and this will suspend a seller’s ability to continue sending in further shipments.

The process has been implemented to ensure that our staff does not lift extremely heavy boxes and minimize the risk of boxes breaking during shipping.  We have seen way too many boxes arrive broken and damaged, and this damages the items inside.  Make sure you use a sturdy box that can be sent on the average shipping truck.

Please refer to our Shipping to page for further clarification.     

 Inbound Limits!

Each seller has the ability to send up to 3 Inbound Shipments each calendar month. We will have this limit while we work with our Sellers to improve the quality of items they want to list and sell on, helping guide all Sellers to maintaining a reject rate of less than 20%.

With so many people wanting to sell on, we would like to give everyone a chance to send in a few boxes, list and sell their items, and maintain a manageable processing queue.  We would love to offer as many labels as needed, but at this time we are limiting our labels to ensure we don’t have overwhelming processing times.

Please send us individual questions or comments regarding rejected items, oversized-boxes, acceptance criteria, or box limitations.   

39 thoughts on “Inside Look: Rejects Reviewed!

  1. I just found out I had a 94% rejected shipment (and it was a very large shipment) of clothing that I DID look over very carefully and thought was in great shape. I will not be sending any more clothes in nor shopping with this company anymore. Honestly, the shipments I’ve sent in the past had clothing that were of less value that DID sell. I’m aware of how busy they must be, but their new guidelines are way too stringent. I am thankful that they at least offer to ship my things back to me for a very decent shipping rate! I will just go back to selling the items myself or donating them. I was very excited and thankful for this company UNTIL I just received the reject email and the suspension threat. I have a feeling I’m not alone!

    1. I agree, it seems like more and more items are rejected with each shipment. I’ve been surprised at the number of rejected items on multiple occasions. It’s often hard to know exactly why something was rejected our what was included in the reject pile when you only get one picture of all of the rejected items with vague descriptions.

    2. Marley:

      I am with you and yes you are not alone, I inspected some beautiful evening dresses that had only been worn once and they were rejected. I wish I would have been more understanding of their strict guidelines and exactly what it meant to have my items rejected as I chose the option of not returning my items back to me. I would have gladly paid to have my items shipped back to me but again it is my fault I didn’t understand the process of my items being rejected.

      I will never ever send any items to this company again. I wish I would have understood the process more so I could have the 10 evening dresses back and sell them myself. If you are a newcomer I would advise against sending any items to them and find another company to sell your wares or just do it yourself. Even better donate them to someone who could really use them and take the tax write-off. I would have gotten more for my wares if I had just donated them. 🙁

    3. I agree. When i buy used clothes I expect them to be used. If I have to get a magnifying glass and go into the sun to see a flaw, then obviously you can’t see it under normal circumstances. To me that’s very good! Not reject! I see designations of new like new very good food FAIR if you have a minor flaw like minor knee fading on jeans, I don’t care. My son will do that to a new pair in weeks. If I can save money and get prescuffed ones, I’m happy. Basically there is only one category. It has to be perfect. When I started here the company was BRAND NEW. I was one of the first people to sign up and write a rave review. I sold a lot and I bought. My son was very neat and I keep my his clothes very clean. I’ve done local
      Consignments where they look at the clothes and ask if they were even ever worn. Swap was great until about 2 yrs in when I kept getting rejected on over half of my packages. Admittedly I missed a couple things on maybe 5 or the 18 returned items (which really could have been accepted as fair) but the for the other items, my husband mother in law and myself took a magnifying glass and could not find any stains or rips etc. one of the items was a nice suit new with tags. I appreciate their commitment to quality but swap has become unreasonable. Used clothes have been USED since that time I just decided it was a waste of time to go the trouble of sending In to have sent back. I sell locally and while it’s a pain to take the stuff myself I do quite well as my sons clothes ARE in wonderful condition. I just don’t send everyday pants as my son has become hard on the knees as he gets older. I think what bothers me most about them being so overly stringent is that you would think they’d be very specific in their descriptions and they are not. Size 4 and 4t are lumped as same. For some this is a big difference. I requested that and was told they can’t that this is how they are set up. They don’t list color ( black? Navy? Charcoal?). And for a company that expects us to inspect our clothes on the sunlight, they have the worst lighting ever for their photos. The descriptions are “sweater” (not thick or thin or shawl collar etc) “casual pants” ( not chino or twill or polyester) “jersey” ( not team or style). The clothes are laid out wrinkled and sometimes they are photographed close up sometimes more tab distance. i overlooked all of this until the rejections. I feel that if you stand for perfect quality that should also be reflected in your website. I just chose to not waste my time sending anything anymore. Not sure what happened or why, to change this company from welcoming and happily to have loyal patrons to becoming so unyielding and critical. I LOVE that you KNOW you are getting quality goods but if you submit an item with a flaw you literally have to be in the sun with a magnifying glass to see, that’s ridiculous and it’s a shame because I used to love it

    4. you are not alone, I have just had the exact experience you described. One box earlier this year that has almost completely sold and this box of nicer items was 88% rejected. Super disappointed!

    5. This is the exact thing that happened to me it was very disappointing!! Out of three largest size boxes they accepted 1 item!!!!

    6. You are correct Marley; you are not alone. !! I agree with you 100% & received the same “warning letter” re: my last shipment.
      SWAP did a complete 180 on their guidelines & acceptance criteria. That’s okay, but they should have made it crystal clear that they were going in a different direction— more like “Once upon a child” which rejects EVERYTHING < except NWT items, basically ).
      Oh well, it was good while it lasted. I will still continue to purchase from SWAP; the prices are great.
      Good Luck with eBay!!!! ; )

    7. Marley,

      I totally agree with you. I sent even clothes which were new. Without tag but never worn and these clothes were marked as “fair” condition. Or clothes new with tag were marked “like new” condition. ?! I don’t get it. I know the criteria and I’m always very careful that I’m not sending under criteria clothes but the last shipment I’ve got rejected a lot. Now I’m afraid to send to this company again because I honestly have no idea what is a “ok” piece of clothing for them. It is sad. I love SWAP and I was very excited about this company when I’ve first found them. I don’t have the same feeling now.

    8. me too! only 2 (!?!) items were accepted! and I know stuff I sent previously wasnt as good as the stuff I just sent. What a shame, Itll be back to selling & donating locally.

    9. My thoughts exactly, Marley. I don’t send items that aren’t anything that I wouldn’t buy because of the used quality, yet huge amounts of my items are not being accepted. I started with Swap when they were just starting…and I sent A LOT of things and almost everything sold! So I feel like I’ve helped grow their business. Now, I send in the SAME QUALITY OR BETTER and it’s still not good enough. I also understand they have to have rules, but I know what I’m sending in is quality…I honestly don’t feel like their “Quality Control” department does though…you can tell by the way items have recently been mislabeled and the quality of the photos (where the clothes are all wrinkled & sprawled out). This is NOT what I first signed up for…something has to change, or I’m out!

    10. YOU are not alone, I had one 66% reject rate. I sent back in some things that I had bought from swap, they sent back as rejects. I try really hard and have a goal not to have any rejects, now I feel that it is getting worse. I am not so sure that the person listing the box just wants to get done and by doing rejects that worker gets finished faster. I love doing this and not so sure that Swap is not shooting their self in the foot (so to speak). I have talked to them about this issue, they assure me that I will be taken care of and to please continue sending boxes in. Maybe keep trying for awhile, I am.

    11. I have had weird experiences with rejection too. I had a strangely high rejection rate for one of my boxes and had the items returned to me so that I could inspect them and learn from the process. I couldn’t find problems with many of the items, and, in fact, there were things that were or looked brand new that were sent back! I had packed that box alongside another and the things were rather randomly assigned to either box so it doesn’t make sense that one would have a higher reject rate! In the past my Rejected Items had stickers applied noting the reason for rejection, but this doesn’t seem to be done anymore and this means I cannot learn from my “mistakes”. If the items were undervalued I’d be inclined to group them with other items and send them back if that were the only issue! I actually spend a lot of time sorting my items, laundering them, checking them, folding them, stain-treating, ironing, grouping, packing and shipping my items and I have a baby so my “free” time is very precious. All I can think about this rejection is that whoever was going through my box just got tired of processing it midway through and threw the remainder into the Reject pile. There seems to be no other conclusion I can draw.

    12. No, you are not alone! I love Swap. They have done what they need to do to make this manageable but this is the result. It was too good to last!

    13. I agree. I had a large amount rejected, which I had returned, and I took to a locale resale shop and got paid $150!!! I was shocked at some of the quality and expensive pieces that swap rejected. They are being much too stringent. Many of the rejected items I wasn’t even sure why they were rejected!

    14. I feel the same way! Always sold a ton, but recently everything is being rejected- things of lesser value/quality than the things I have sold previously on this site. I really don’t understand it and it is becoming very frustrating.

    15. I am right behind you I’m sure Marley. Was excited to ship to them again and was very happy in the past. Recommended them for buying and selling to everyone I know, but have been helping the working mom’s I know that we’re about to follow me by telling them STOP!! Everything has changed! It takes weeks now compared to days for me to get notified that my items are ready to price. Pics are indescribably less appealing and don’t do my items justice, and the 2 boxes I shipped that are limited to half the size at best of my old boxes, are being rejected by a 5 to 1 reject ratio. Not to mention the shipping rate increased and though I was told my account was “grandfathered” in at the old sale fee as a successful seller account, that too was a gimmick. The grandfathered rate only applied to items shipped before sept.1 and they suspended any shipping until Sept. 1. I was very understanding of swaps expansion explanation for thexample shipping suspension, but they mass increase in shipping and fees on top of the insane rejection rate and slow and low quality processing of my items really makes the site a wash. Will be having 4/5ths of my latest box returned to take to one of the many stores that are opening in my area doing the same thing only I don’t have to wash and ship. Most pay 30% of their retail price and that’s fine. It will take months to sell just the few items I finally got to price on swap if not a year because the seasons changed just in the time they took to reject the majority and send threat to suspend warnings if “I don’t do better”. Don’t know if the business sold to new, less qualified owners, but in their “expansion” they somewhere lost all of the best of wish them the best but won’t ever recommend

    16. Nope! You are NOT alone! I just had the same thing!!! They are getting TOO picky now! Tell me how a brand new in package AVON purse & matching wallet gets rejected??? New in package mind you! I’m about DONE!

    17. Marley, I agree with you. Sent my second box to and my reject rate was higher on this box than my first. I went through my items with a fine tooth comb and made sure everything was pristine. Some of the items had not even been worn though they did not have the original tags on them, but still rejected.
      I am very disappointed with this service. I had really hoped I had found something great but I guess not. I have requested my items back that where rejected and will sell them elsewhere. I have purchased quite a few items from and pleased with what I have purchased but the selling side of it just sucks. That’s too bad as it is a good idea. It takes well over 2 months for them to even look at the items and then they reject a large percentage. Willing to wait if the return is worth it but from my point it is not. You are definitely not alone!

  2. I agree 100%…I think they’ve gone way overboard with the restrictions and limits and will be pushing away many sellers. I am always very careful when I pack my box…last time they rejected quite a few things including two pairs of brand new, never worn shoes! (Which I subsequently sold on a popular auction site easily because they were in perfect shape.) Sadly, I won’t be sending in anymore boxes, especially after the increase in fees and I think they will probably reduce the amount of buyers, too. As sellers are hit with increased fees and more strict acceptance criteria, they will have to list their items at higher prices, which most buyers will not be willing to pay for used goods. It’s a shame, because I had enjoyed selling and buying on swap.

  3. You are not alone if has rejected most of your clothing in your last inbound shipment. I am a seasoned seller for and almost all of my clothing got rejected. I understand they have a lot of clothing to sell, but I thought used clothing was acceptable. I expected items I purchased from there in the past to be clean, free of major stains and no rips/tears. Now it seems clothing should be in new condition. Sorry to say I won’t be shopping or selling at anymore.

  4. I have had items rejected with no sticker and have sent it back and it has been accepted. I think the inspectors sometimes just don’t want to deal with all the items one by one and just grab a handful and throw them in the reject pile!

  5. I have a box ready, but now I’m having second thoughts of using this company again. I had great luck selling before, but the box size restrictions and items that are in good shape and still might be rejected is turning me off of this company. I understand not accepting stained items, but if the items are good and the person checking in the clothes has a different opinion, then it sounds like a waste of time and shipping cost to me. At least offer free inbound shipping since a bigger percentage fee is now being taken from everything that does sell.

  6. Marley, you are right. You are not alone when it comes to the reject policy. It’s making it harder for real people like you and I to sell our clothes and easier for the professional shoppers to make more money. I know people who spend their time going to garage sales, rummage sales, & Goodwill, buy clothes then resell them for more money. People with jobs and active kids can’t do that. I spent all weekend getting my 4 kids to clean out their closets and toys, then I sorted them into either the “donate” box or the “Swap” box. I’ve been selling to them for long enough I know what they expect, but recently I also got a “warning” email. Pretty much made me decide to send in what I already have packed up but then I’m over it. It’s a shame that when companies get so big they forget about the little people… it really is.

  7. I agree word for word with Marley’s comment. I just had a box that rejected 88% of the items for being worn and I was shocked. The handful of items that were new with tags were the things accepted. I know that the company is expanding quickly but better training for the screeners is in order. I pinned together matched sets like recommended and the screener un-pinned them and listed some parts. Whoever reviewed my box picked some cheap velour christmas pajamas but not a lily pulitzer dress worn once or items from the Gap barely worn. Boxes I have sent in the past were cheaper brands and almost completely accepted. I even emailed asking for someone to take a peek at the rejects as I think another set of eyes would be useful and the response I got was “we can send your stuff back to you to review” which is not at all what I was asking. I was very pleased with this company and the first box of items I sent. But just 6 months later I am very disappointed.

  8. The acceptance criteria is fair IF it’s followed as it should – I have had brand new, brand name, with tags items rejected, and written into support. The answer is basically “Oops, we’ll add them to your account.”

  9. So sorry, I’m one of those who is almost in the suspension group.
    Just wondering what happened to the rejected clothes.

    WERE THEY TOSSED OR DONATED??? What happens to the clothes when we mess up???

    Please believe the I am being more careful, tho I look over your guidelines and really thought I followed them!
    Thanks for any information you can share, June

  10. You are not alone. I didn’t receive a rejection email, but a lot of my items were not accepted and I had them sent back to me. I really couldn’t tell why they were rejected. Also the ones accepted were listed as fair when I thought they were in good (at least) condition! Ugh

  11. I have also had an increased amount of rejected items lately, as well as items listed with incorrect sizes and descriptions. Swap has always corrected any discrepancies without issue, but some items I received back as rejected I honestly thought were fine to send in. I’m also not sure about how the reject rate being calculated by total # of items and #of rejected items is accurate……if you send in 6 items as a set (per the guidelines) is each individual item in the set counted as a reject against the total or the whole set as one item? I have a feeling it’s individual items since the last box I sent in had several sets of (6) onesies that were rejected and I wound up with my highest rejection rate ever.

  12. I’m complaining because objects that I have sent in have not been recorded – books, dresses and jackets – I thought that maybe there was a delay but nope, not even in the rejection photo. I’m angry that, instead of getting an email reply, you send this newsletter?? Poor customer service move. Your rejections are also completely arbitrary depending on who is going through the box. I sent several pieces that the sorter claimed were stained – they were worn once when sent to you (and from Anthropologie) so what is happening inside your warehouse? We do not use perfumed detergent at my house and I think that has to do with half of this – I am so irritated. I will never send another box to Swap and I’m telling every I know.

  13. I’ve sent back a pair of shoes I just bought off because they didn’t fit and they were rejected! I have also sent in never worn brand new items that were rejected. So you never know!

  14. Glad to have swap back up and running and processing but I do wish criteria changes would be rolled out with a little more notice. You had people gathering stuff up all summer, getting their shipping supplies situated just waiting for 9/1 with no indication of what the changes would be until the day labels could be bought again. That’s frustrating.

  15. I feel the same way as Marley, I got a notice yesterday out of box of 75 items only 10 got excepted. Then one of my other boxes that had a large sum got fully rejected. My stuff was all toys. I was selling slot of barbies that were missing shoes the rejected those where they have put on the site before. Since the change I believe it’s a scam for them to get shipping fees to make up for what they say rejected items . I loved them for both selling and purchasing but will no longer be using them in the future . Also a consignment/thrift store people realize stuff is going to be slightly flawed that is why they get it for cheaper. There is no way while boxes can be rejected it just insane. Pretty sad you are gonna be losing so much business because of these new stricter guidelines.

  16. I also think the new rejection policy is arbitrary and ridiculous. I have successfully sent items into Swap before the new rules went into effect. Recently, I sent in duplicates of some of the items I had previously had accepted, and this time, the items were rejected. These were brand-new items, with tags, that were identical to items that Swap accepted before, yet they were rejected.

    I also had an item rejected as not good enough for Swap, yet it was an item I had previously purchased FROM SWAP. In other words, I bought an item from Swap, never wore it, decided it wasn’t right for me, and (since it was too late to return it) sent it in with other items I was selling to Swap. This item was rejected as not good enough quality for Swap to sell, even though I had actually bought it from Swap.

    I am very frustrated with Swap and am now looking for local consignment shops.

  17. I wish they would actually give you a true reason of rejection and not just ” look at our acceptance guidelines” it has gotten for vague and the percentage of my rejections doesn’t even come close to what they have pictured as “rejects” at least with Twice Consignment they actually should a picture or your item and told you thr reason it was rejected…ie stained,pulled,dated or whatnot. I have been suddenly suspended but that’s ok because I found some cute local consignment shops that are more reasonable and pay better. I feel swap got to big for their own good and for even shutting down inbounds for three months they just don’t want to take the time or effort to do the work but want to take more commission from us


  19. After reading all of this it seems that it just a total waste of my time to even send anything to SWAP, I would just make out better donating it and at least I can get a tax credit.

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